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You can Create and Sell Online Courses - Make Money Online

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Do you know regular people are turning their knowledge and skills into online courses and making good money?

As a matter of fact, almost anyone can create and sell online courses … That’s the best part of this online business model.

Photographers sell online courses that reveals tips and tricks for taking great pictures. Accountants package their high-touch service into online courses to help business owners better understand their numbers.

There are online courses on a wide variety of subjects. The bottom line is that any skill that took you time to learn can be marketable; i.e., your knowledge and experience can make you money.

Good at playing tennis? Then create and sell online courses about “endurance training for tennis”.

Do you know how to use Microsoft Excel? In fact, Microsoft Excel is one of the most sought-after subjects on Udemy.

Have you gone through the immigration process to the United States or Canada? You must know how to do it right, then teach thousands of people who are eagerly searching for the very answers right now.

To create and sell online courses can be very lucrative… The online education industry is poised to surpass $100 billion in 2015, according to Forbes.

But how to start this? What courses should you create? How to sell them? These are some questions you may encounter when you are seriously considering to start your online business as an online instructor.

You may need to understand these steps:

  1. Figure out what you are going to teach
  2. Create the content for your first course
  3. Turn your content into a Udemy course in 3 hours
  4. Promote your udemy course with Google Adwords

Figure out what to teach

If you already have some expertise, this is not a problem. If you don’t, the first thing to do is to come up with any subject that might interest you…

Then start to LEARN.

Yes, to LEARN is how Joseph Michael made his fortune on selling online courses.

When he decided to create his scrivener online course, he was just casually using the software, he was not an expert at all.

He purchased every book on Scrivener he could find, and studied every feature told in the books. Whenever he mastered a particular feature, he recorded a short tutorial video on it. He learnt the subject as he created his online course, and in the end, he went on to become a huge success, and an inspiration for many would-be online instructors.

Be a student yourself and start to learn from others

Don’t reinvent the wheel though. It’s not worth it to do hours and hours of online research and try to put the puzzles together. Take the short-cut to learn from experts.

Here I recommend one course you can start with. Thousands of students have registered with this beginner course to learn how to create and sell online courses in an easy, smooth and professional manner.

Udemy is one of the largest online education platform that growing bigger on a daily basis. It serves a huge, global community of students and instructors with
-8 million students learning over
-32,000 courses
-taught by over 18,000 instructors
-in over 80 languages.

At Udemy, anyone can create, publish and promote an online course, regardless of credentials. Udemy makes it very easy for instructors to get started, and they handle all the payment processing and video hosting.

This beginner course is called How to Earn Extra Money. Teach Your First Udemy Course. It is rated 5 stars by thousands of students who took the course. It will literally walk you through everything you need in order to create your first online course and begin to earn passive monthly revenue from it. This course is best suited for newbies of online course creation, or those who want to accelerate their creation process.

After its 54 lectures of content, you are able to

  1. Publish the first online course in hours
  2. Become an online instructor from SCRATCH
  3. Earn significant passive monthly revenue teaching what you love
  4. Eliminate hours of searching “how-to” on YouTube
  5. Learn everything you need to know to turn your talent and knowledge into an online course – and meantime learn how to sell it.

This is what the instructor — Patrick Howell — a Certified Master Trainer on Udemy said:

I published my first course in less than 16 hours of time! That one course alone has made, and continues to make, me thousands of dollars. I currently have five courses. I make my new courses over a single weekend. I will teach you how!

I love this course myself and definitely give a big thumb-up and a 5-star.

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