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5 Websites for Importing Goods from China to sell online

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importing from china using price arbitrageImporting from China and sell the goods online is a lucrative business model. With the eCommerce’s leaps and bounds, now importing from China can be achieved through many Chinese wholesale websites. More and more Chinese manufacturers have registered with these websites. They are ready to sell their goods at very low prices to global online importers.

This creates a great price arbitrage with many retail ecommerce platforms, such as amazon and ebay. Therefore buying from Chinese wholesale websites and selling at a retail price creates a profitable opportunity for many people to make real money online.

Through Chinese wholesale websites, importing from China can be much easier and safer, usually the websites will handle payments using escrow till the buyer verifies to receive a satisfied shipment.

Website for importing from China No.1:

Out of all the Chinese Wholesale websites, I would firstly recommend aliexpress. Unlike alibaba, aliexpress is a great place to start testing the importing business from China, as it allows a very small amount of money to start with. For a newbie importer with a limited budget, this is a very attractive point to consider.  Also, it shares alibaba’s reliable payment feature, as well as a rating and feedback system to helps buyers to make informed decisions.

Website for importing from China No.2:

Bandgood is another popular Chinese wholesale website. It was established in 2004 with a sound motto : Best Bang for your Buck!  It offers a wide range of over 70,000 products, from living, eating to entertaining; It has retail, dropshipping and wholesale services for different needs of buyers.

Over the years BG has developed into a successful online retailer. Its low price, high quality products and professional services have helped millions of global buyers to either save money or make money.

Comparison with

websites for importing from china - banggood

This gorgeous French Retro Stainless Steel Teaspoons

At banggood, sell for $0.89 each if you buy 100 and more.

At amazon, the retail price is from $3.99 to $12.99 for this set.


It worth mentioning that banggood has customer forums, buyer reviews, comments and queries to help buyers for a smooth shopping as well.

Also, when you register an account, you should receive a code for further discount, so make sure you register before you place your first order.

Website for importing from China No.3:

Clothing that are “made in China” are everywhere, regardless of the brands. So why not pick up your own favorite clothing directly from the Chinese clothing wholesale website. On this website, there are more than 420,000 fashion products of clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags and others, and it still keeps on updating daily.

There is no minimum order limit on this website, Hooray! Retail and wholesale prices are both dirt-cheap.

Chinese whole sale website

This Fashion New Style Bright Fresh Thin Strap Camisole Red costs a jaw-dropping price of $1.72 to purchase, comparing with Amazon similar product.

[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B004W3UG7S,B002TX6Z8M,B0030V0PI8″ listprice=”1″]

Website for importing from China No.4:

Importing from China, get bargains here.

FocalPrice is another Chinese leading B2C e-Commerce exporting site, with over 70,000 consumer electronic items across about 100 categories. Online buyers can buy from this wholesale site with any size of orders. Since you pay much less prices on this site with free shipment, it leaves great room for you to make profit resell them online.

If you have any questions this site promises a prompt response within six hours.

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Website for importing from China No.5:

Dealextreme is one of China’s first direct business to consumer eCommerce retailers with over 1 million customers and 400 suppliers. It has over 4,000 categories, 110,000 items and still adding hundreds of items daily.

One of DX’s top service is to offer local access phone numbers to all customers. This allows customers in the 20 supported countries to call DX without incurring international charges. On top of that, you can go to its uncensored independent customer forum for honest opinions and reviews.

Also, DX offers free world wide shipping on all items, with extreme warranties.

For those ecommerce owners who are looking for rock bottom wholesale prices, you can visit VolumeRate, the wholesale site of Dealextreme.

VR is a B2B site specializing in wholesale. It has all the advantages of DX in respect to resources, prices, logistics, and customer service. It is virtually able to provide all types of electronic products made in China, including customized products and other hard-to-find products.

Make a comparison: 

PC chipset cooling fans (5cm) cost $0.81 each for a 100 order on VR;

while on amazon, the price is ranging from $3.33 to $7.97.

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