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Website Redesign | 8 tips to Consider Before You Start

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website redesign

Is it time for you to consider a website redesign?

Is your business website looking just a bit old-fashioned and boring?

Are the visitors leaving negative feedback about their overall experience on the website?

If yes, it’s high time you revamped your website design schemes and plans. While redesigning your website, you would, however, need to keep certain things in mind. This article focuses chiefly on these considerations:

Do you have the real need for the website redesign

Are you looking to redesign your website simply because some of your competitors have done the same? Such flimsy grounds can never justify a decision to redesign a website. Make sure that the earlier website design services are indeed no longer effective enough – before you take the plunge.

Detecting the issues that need to be addressed

Go through the analytic of your website carefully, to find out if any specific issue needs to be addressed. For example, if the bounce rate of the website seems to be too high – your website redesigning plans should be targeted towards rectifying this problem. Find out more about the different website metrics figures that you need to pay attention to.

Extent of the website redesign required

Do you need a complete overhaul of your business website? Or would simply redesigning a couple of pages suffice? Inform the website design experts about your precise requirements, so that just the right type of website redesigning can be done. This would also help you more effectively determine the website redesign budget.

Keeping a backup copy

When you plan to redesign your professional website, you first need to keep a complete backup copy of its old version on the server. There is no guarantee that the redesigned website would indeed become more successful than its predecessor, while you might need to refer to any of the details of the earlier version as well. If you already had a large number of links to the page(s) you wish to redesign, go for a ‘301 redirect’ option.

Keep SEO considerations in mind

Make sure that your new web design & development plans does not, in any way, violate the prevailing search engine marketing norms and regulations. Avail of the services of an expert, proficient SEO consultant, while redesigning your website. (S)he will help in ensuring higher online visibility of the redesigned website. Know more about the SEO factors that you need to keep in mind – right here!

Keep multiple versions for conversion optimization

The ultimate goal of redesigning a business website is pretty straightforward – an increase in the overall profitability levels. Find out in detail about the strategies and tactics that are generally employed, to enhance the conversion rate of websites. Start off with at least two/three versions of the redesigned website, and check which of the versions is performing the best.

Be consistent

When you go for a holistic redesign in your website design services, providing optimal user-experience should be one of your prime concerns. Keep the logos, symbols and other visual branding elements same – so that your already established brand identity is not lost. In case you need to change the logo itself, inform the prospective buyers about the same through social media channels first.

Manage your content well

One of the best ways of improving the chances of success of your redesigned website is by publishing more informative, unique and fresh content on the pages. Actively solicit feedback from the viewers about the existing content, and do the necessary modifications/additions. Use image and video content judiciously too. Your CMS website development plan needs to be really efficient, for managing the different types of content on your website.

While redesigning your website, make sure that it remains connected to the different social media channels. Inclusion of the social media widgets should be a part of your website design plans, if they had not been present in the earlier version. Pay heed to the above factors – and ensure that redesigning the website would indeed yield favorable results!


Kenneth Parkar is a noted website design expert who regularly writes on different web design & development topics. Visit here for more details


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