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4 Latest Web Design Trends You Can't Ignore

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web design trends - topograhpyTechnology and virtual world are evolving constantly. Before you get accustomed to a particular trend, you will find new trends being introduced in the market. As a good web designer, you would always strive to find out the latest web design trends for improving the overall look of your website.

Do you want to have an idea about the progress of the web designing industry? Just view a website that was created almost three to four years ago , you will really be amazed to find out the peculiarity between old and the modern one.  Earlier, the entire focus was on media capabilities. But it has changed now and as per the latest trends the main focus is on usability as well as latest stylish looks.

Web designers should always be aware of the latest web design trends so that they can keep their company ahead of the competitors. So when you design a website, it should be a combination of the trends you are following in the current year along with a trend you want to set with your designing stuff.


In this article, we will discuss a few latest web design trends that every  web designer should follow to stay ahead in the competition zone.

1.       Responsive Web Design:

web design trends -responsive web designResponsive web design has been quite a familiar term among designers since a long term.  But it is in the year 2012 that it came alive and it can be said that this approach to design web layouts will be a common favorite among designers.  It is a fruitful option for designers as they do not have to prepare different layouts for desktop and mobile devices. A single design works absolutely perfect on all the devices. Not a single designer would like to avoid this trend as they find it very convenient.

2.       Typography:

The variations that are available in Typography give the designers a lot of fonts to choose from.  But selecting typography is not a small decision anymore and it is very important to select a trendy typography. In fact, typography plays an important role while you design a website.  Designers will not replace text with beautiful images anymore and try to enhance the beauty of a website through typography. Yet, designers put a lot of emphasis on typography as it is regarded as the foundation of a website.

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web design trends - vertical

3.        Vertical Scrolling:

Optimization of a website is very essential. These days websites offer vertical as well as horizontal scrolling especially in mobile devices. However, the current trend of the year in 2013 is the vertical scrolling as mobile users find it easy and convenient. Vertical scrolling is also user friendly and allows an easy navigation.  Another talked about trend of this year is vertical scrolling of buttons and menus. When a user scrolls down a page, he/ she should also be able to scroll down header menu so that there is no need of going upwards for viewing the menu again. The same goes for social buttons and shopping carts.

4.       Single Tone Colors:

Another trend of web designing that is fast emerging is using single tone color.  Single tone colors refer to use of shades of dark red or blue. So in this year we will definitely witness more and more websites shifting to the current trend. This is because using minimalistic color tones will make readers focus more on text and content of a website.

Following these latest web design trends will ensure that you will be able to create an excellent website. So while you hire PHP programmers or designers, make sure they are well aware of the current trends.



Maria Robertson loves to read about the latest web design trends and offer her personal deep insights about web design to help web designers and website owners alike.

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