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6 Web Design Tips on Increasing Website Usability

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web design tips on increasing website usabilityCreating an aesthetically interesting website is not good enough. You need to make sure that it is friendly to the visitors and gives them pleasing experience when they choose to browse a site. Here are a few important web design tips, by applying which your website usability is going to be to improved for sure.

Add taglines or logs on top of the page

While creating the design of a website you need to keep in mind that the tagline of the logo should have its place right at the top of the webpage. By placing your logo or tagline on top of the page, you are going to create a brand identity for a site.


A tagline is important. with which you are actually going to help people know about the philosophy, vision as well as mission of the site. The tagline should be designed in such a way that it symbolizes the essence of a website within a few hard hitting phrases. Take a look at this blog, you see the tag line “Online Business –  Make Money Online” on top of all the other content. It clearly tells the readers that all the information offered in this blog is about how to conduct online business and how to make money online.

Consider short and clear permalinks

If you need to make sure that the visitors of the site does not find any sort of trouble at the time of sharing the URL of the site, it is important that you pay some specific attention to the permalinks. You have to create permalinks, which are short and at the same time clear.

Design scan able pages

In order to make a website user friendly in the true sense of the term , you need to make it scan able enough.

It has been observed in a number of usability tests that a whopping majority of internet users would not like to read a web page. On the contrary, they would like to scan it and elicit the info that they are looking for. If the site has bold font size, emphasized texts, impressive titles, images, bulleted points etc.,  then they find the web page to be worth a read.

You need to keep these facts in mind when you design a website. Apart from making use of graphic elements, you should be careful enough about the use of layouts, lists and subheads. Make it sure that you are going to organize the content in scan inverted pyramid format.

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Stay away from misleading UI control systems

UI or user interface controls play an important role in increasing the usability of a website. UI control systems, such as buttons, drop down lists, as well as other important elements of a web page help the visitors a lot when they are trying to find proper information from a particular site. These UI control features are truly important for the visitors.

Tips: You should not design any graphic design on a site that has resemblance to links or buttons or any other user interface component of a site. If the visitors click on the graphic element taking it as a link or a button and does not get the result from the element they have clicked, they would take the site to be malfunctioning and leave with a negative impact.

Include site maps

Site maps improve the navigational features of a web page. Therefore you should make it a point that you are careful about designing site maps which are going to enhance the architecture of the web page.

Use limited graphics and animations

Excessive use of graphics is detrimental for a site. Do not over use graphics and animations in the site. Excess of graphical elements might cause trouble for seamless navigation.

Make sure that you apply these web design tips to upsurge your website usability. You bet you are going to give your website a more professional and useful look to retain your readers.


Koustuv Roy works as a web marketing consultant in a reputed website designing company in Kolkata. He has written several scholarly articles on website development also. Get in touch with him on Twitter, Facebook & GooglePlus.

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  • Adriana Sopi

    Navigation is a crucial part of any successful web design. Ideally, any visitor while coming to your site must be able to move back and forth from one section to the other of the website in 3 clicks! But, nowadays, this ‘3-click Rule’ is not being followed everywhere. I hope you’ll emphasize on this aspect of webdesign strategy in future posts! Thanks for the informative write-up.

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