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Using Heat Map To Increase Website’s Conversion Rate & Revenues

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heap map

All of them saw a conversion increase.

Heat map is one of the most effective tools any webmasters can use to analysis website’s usability, optimize conversion rate and increase revenues.

This is how a heat map can work for you:

Let’s say you run an ads on your blog. Where should you put the ads so that it can have the most clicks? With the help of heat map software like crazyegg, you can visually compare the different positions on your site and find the best suitable spot to place your ads.

Many webmasters using Crazyegg to generates different reports on where people clicked on the site, the most popular sections on a page, as well as the most-needed visitors information. These information are key factors to improving a website’s conversion rate and revenues.


Are you one of those website owners who don’t really understand why your websites don’t make any money, or where all the leaks are on landing pages?

If so, what should you do? Don’t Guess your work. But Test your work.

You shouldn’t blindly guess about which section of your website requiring improvement, guessing work may be a big waste of your time and money. But instead, use the right tools to TEST your changes. Crazyegg is the right software for this task. It is the pioneer of eye-tracking technology and heatmapping technology on the internet.

Read on to find out how you can use this powerful heat map tool for free.

Crazyegg users can generate 5 types of reports for multiple domains.  These are

  • heat map report,
  • scroll map report,
  • confetti report,
  • overlay report
  • list report.

Heat map report:

The heat map report is one of the most powerful tools in the Crazyegg arsenal. With this tool, you can generate screenshots of where people are exactly clicking on your site.  The most clicked places have the brightest color.  By diagnosing what’s hot and what’s not on your website, you can decide the best spots for your offers, forms, or call-to action buttons. This will help to increase conversions rate and drive revenues to your site,  even with the same or less volume of traffic.

In order to find out the best position for your new sales banner, you can put it on two separate places. When heat map report shows you one is outperforming the other with more clicks,  you can then eliminate the under-performing one, and be confident the other one will bring you more clicks.

Just like big organizations spending millions of dollars to run surveys for understanding their customers’ needs; as a webmaster, it is a big advantage over your competitors if you could “see” what your customers are looking for and what they are interested in. Crazyegg heat map report can help you achieve this knowledge immensely. 90 Day Free Trial

Same Traffic, Just More Sales.

Scroll map report

Scroll map tool is another important tool from Crazyegg. It tells you the amount of time your visitors spend interacting with each section of the page. Where they spend more time, the section will turn to be white or yellow, otherwise, the color is darker. With this data drawn from scroll map report, you can understand how far down the page average visitors scroll, it also tells which section on the page is the exit point for most visitors.

You can optimize the page content based on what you’ve learnt from scroll map report, for example, move the “call to action” button to the places that most visitors spend time on, or prioritize the position of your “subscribe” box to encourage more email subscriptions.

Remember: You Can Make More Sales With The Same Traffic.

When you know the exit point of each page, you can then redo the copy-writing of that section to entice more visitors to scroll down further.

After this detailed monitoring of your visitors’ activities, you can make any changes of your content, layout and design according to the findings from the data.
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Overlay report:

Overlay report gives you more information about clicks on your site. For any clickable links on your site, you can see

  • how many exact clicks each link received;
  • are they from returned visitors or new visitors;
  • what search terms the visitors used;
  • countries of visitors and many other categories.

Overlay report also show you click data from those non-clickable areas on your website. This is actually very important data for optimizing your web design. If you found any non-clickable areas with significant click counts, that means visitors to your site were expecting clickable elements there. You can therefore add proper clickable links to improve your conversion rate and your website’s user experience.

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Confetti report:

In a confetti report, each dot represents a click. From the report, you can see which areas are popular and which areas are not. It also tells you a lot about your visitors, such as referring sites, search terms, returning visitors, time of the day, countries, etc for each click. It is a good tool for drilling down into details of different segments and see how different types of users interacting with your sites.

heat map_conversion rate

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List Report

List report is a more technical report. It contains all the raw data of your site. You can use it to compare all the clicks on your site at a glance. One unique feature is to see how many clicks your pop-ups and drop-downs received. You can regularly export these data into CSV file and evaluate these data with Microsoft excel.

It is hard to increase conversion rate

It is not an easy task to increase your conversion rate. That is where competitions are. Big companies spend millions of dollars to do consumer research before they campaign for products. We should follow suites. Understanding the visitors behaviors is the key for any webmasters to build a successful website. With the help of a heat map tool like Crazyegg, you can take the guess work out of your optimization task completely.

When best performing pages on your site don’t bring in best-performing conversion rate, you should definitely try this software to find out what goes wrong on your site and how to improve to monetize your website.

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How to get this Crazyegg software for free?

So far Crazyegg doesn’t offer any free membership.

90 FREE Trial
Test Drive This Powerful Software

However, the good news is, you can register your free trial account for 90 days. It used to offer only 30 days and 60 days free trials. But with this new offer of 90 days free trial, you can conduct a lot of analytic research on your site. You have full access to all the reports listed above, just like you are a paid member. A 90-day period is a long enough time-frame for you to gain tremendous valuable insights about your website that you can’t get from anywhere else for free.
You can have two options with your free trial account afterwards:

  1. You can grab all the in-depth reports and cancel your account within the free trial period by clicking “cancel my account” button;
  2. Or you can pay the software for $9 per month after the free trial. This happens when you’ve seen that your conversion rate and revenues have been improved, and you need on-going monitoring of your site to keep up the competitions.

How much improvement you can get for your website during this 90 free trial?
It really depends on how actively you can improve your website’s design, content and layout by digesting all the data reports from Crazyegg. If you are diligent and competent, you can get rewarded a lot from this heat map software. Comparing with the price, either $0 or $9, Crazyegg should bring you a lot more value to your site.

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