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Six Easy Ways to Use Twitter Marketing

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twitter marketing

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When Twitter first emerged in 2006, it was known simply as a social media tool; one on which users could connect with friends and family members, post updates about their life, and share opinions and ideas. In the years since then, Twitter has turned into much, much more. With more than 500 million users all over the world, this little site has morphed into an unbelievably effective internet marketing tool, twitter marketing is offering businesses all over the world a free way to connect with their customers, promote and share their products and services online.

Are you using Twitter marketing for your business online? If not, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. Try these six helpful pointers to start:

Use keywords and geo-targets

Just like your website does, your Twitter account (and your individual tweets) can show up in search engine results. Help increase your chances of showing up for applicable searches by including your keyword terms throughout your profile and within your tweets, whenever possible. Additionally, Twitter also allows user to search for keywords within the site itself, so not only could these terms help you show up on Google, but they could also help you earn more Twitter followers, too.

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Make it shareable

Twitter has a function called “Retweet,” which allows users to easily share other tweets with their own followers and social circles. When using Twitter to market your business, it’s imperative that you make your tweets as retweetable, or shareable, as possible. Post updates that deliver valuable information or ones that are funny, entertaining or exciting such as inforgraphics and memes; these are the type of tweets that will get retweeted and, subsequently, expose your brand to new, viable customers.

Drive traffic to your website

One of your main goals of twitter marketing should always be to drive your twitter followers to your company’s website – where all the selling, buying and interacting with your brand happens. Use your twitter to share links to blog posts, news updates or other information on your website, and make it a point to direct users there at any chance you get.

Run specials, and give rewards

Another great method for twitter marketing is to create specials and contests that are available only to Twitter users; these will not only entice them to start following you, but also to encourage their friends to do so, too. In addition, consider offering rewards or specials to users who retweet or follow you. It could be a free download, early access to a sale or a coupon code. In the end, the actual reward itself isn’t as important as the fact that you are encouraging others to interact with your brand and to share your information with others.

Use hashtags

Hashtags, put simply, are a way to group tweets together with a common theme. In November 2012, for example, a popular hashtag was #election, which people used on tweets they posted about the upcoming presidential election. Using hashtags for your twitter marketing is a cost effective method because hashtags are searchable through Twitter, so even users who aren’t currently following you can find your hashtagged tweets.

Follow the promoted trending topics

Twitter also displays the current trending topics and hashtags. If possible, try to post tweets that are related to the current trending hashtags and topics; this will allow your content to get more exposure across the board.

Eric Stauffer is an online marketing expert and social media guru. He currently works for, where he manages their social medias and writes reviews.


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