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How to Get Backlinks for Better Google Ranking

how to get backlinks

This article shows you 15 legitimate ways of how to get backlinks that Google loves. Backlinks are links that appear on another website and point to yours. When readers from the other site click on an anchor text linked to one of your webpages, they will come to your site. Building backlinks is crucial for

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Avoid These Business Marketing Mistakes

Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

credit: Let us not be too harsh on ourselves. Committing mistakes is inevitable. However, we cannot allow the same errors show up especially when it comes to online business. This might mean starting all over again, but if it is for the benefit of your ROI then it’s going to be worth the extra

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How to Update Website Content: Quality vs. Frequency

website content marketiing

Consistently updating your website with fresh content is a key component of any modern SEO strategy. As your site gets crawled by Google you have to show them that you are staying current and updating website content to meet or exceed the industry knowledge standard. When terms or products are trending – you need to be

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Seven Factors to Consider in 2013

seo how to make google love you

Credit: Google has already shaken SEO companies after thirteen Panda updates, Exact match Domain Algorithm and the Knowledge graph, . It’s hard to predict which Google update may transpire in the following years. But if 2012 was a prelude to events yet to occur, here is the top seven SEO tips and tricks you

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Google Plus For Business

Google + impact business online

In the present competitive period of search engine optimization, social media and internet marketing all are vital in identity establishment of brands, organizational identity and individual identity. Most people have chickened out on the implementation of social media marketing strategies. It’s upon this background that Google has enhanced their Google+ features to remain alive

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How To Write Meta Tags?

google meta tag seo tips

What is Meta Tags? Meta Tags are most discussed as Meta Description Tags. There are other meta tags such as Keywords, Author, Robots, Copyright and Geo-tag, etc. Why meta tags are important for SEO? The Meta Description Tag is the brief summary of what your website/web page is about. It deserves special attention because

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SEO Tips | Guest Blogging For A Win-Win

guest blogging

As one of the effective SEO techniques, guest blogging has gained more and more popularity. If you have a decent website, you probably have already been approached by some people asking for guest blogging opportunities. The Benefits of Guest Blogging One main purpose for many to ask for guest blogging is to build quality relevant backlinks for

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Avoid These SEO Mistakes


SEO For Free Organic Traffic Every single internet marketer couldn’t afford to ignore the power of search engine optimization. No matter how much you can budget to buy traffic to you website, organic traffics from Google search and other search engines are the best ones that convert the most. The reason behind this is:

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SEO - Title Tag

SEO Tips

Image courtesy of “Stuart Miles” / Title Tag is one the most important algorithmic factors search engines use for ranking decision Use Title Tag to meet two important goals for your website: To improve search engine optimization To encourage click-through when your website shows up in SERP (search engine result page). In order for

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