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Best Wordpress Mobile Plugins | Build Mobile-Friendly Blogs

wordpress mobile plugins

Mobile marketing has become a necessity for both company owners and bloggers alike. It is one of the growing trends that do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. To emphasize its importance, if your website is not currently mobile-optimized, the chance to gain potential clients grow dismal, because more and more people use

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How to Create a Website and Make Profits?

how to create a website with bizpress

In recent years more and more people have turned to be “internet-made Super Rich“. Comparing with investing in physical real estate, it is much safer and easier to build your dream lifestyle through online business, because it requires very minimal cost and much less risk to start with. How to create a website that can

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How to Sell Online using Solo Ads?

solo ads make big money

Email Marketing is an efficient way to generate targeted traffic. It normally requires you to have a large email subscribers’ list. But what if you are still in the initial stages of growing your list, or you wish to advertise your products to a much broader audience? In these situations, using solo ads for

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5 Best Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins

wordpress ecommerce plugin

WordPress is a simple platform to make your own website, and it comes with many efficient plugins that make setting up any website much easier than ever. WordPress is famous for its blogging features, however, if you wish to turn your blog into an eCommerce, all you need is to download some good WordPress eCommerce plugins.

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Best WordPress Social Plugins

social plugins

Anyone who owns a WordPress based site or blog needs to take advantage of the various social plugins available.  It doesn’t matter whether your site is for commercial purposes or not. Because if you’re not utilizing social plugins you are potential losing loads of traffic to your web property.  We will be giving you a

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Marketing Strategy For Successful Ecommerce

marketing strategy

“If you build it; they will come”, is an expression of a common idea that if you provide people with what they want, even if they do not know that they want it, they will automatically find it. While that might be true for baseball fields, it is most definitely not true when it comes

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How To Ensure Your Website Security

website security

Providing security for your clients when they submit information to your site is imperative when dealing with ecommerce. And this does not only relate to online payments. If you are collecting personal information like full names, addresses, shipping addresses, and so on, you have to take enough website security measures to ensure that people with

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The Most Important Organic SEO Elements for Your Website

organic seo

When it comes to ranking your website in the search engine results pages (SERPs), you will hear a lot of talk about organic search engine optimization (SEO). When most people think of “organic” they think of plants or foods that are naturally grown without the use of artificial products or services. In this regard, organic

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WordPress Plugin: Social Networks Auto Poster

snap social networks auto poster wordpress plugin

Social Networks Auto Poster, or SNAP, is a WordPress plugin that can automatically schedule your new posts to be published on many popular social networks including: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Blogger, LiveJournal, Delicious, Diigo, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Plurk, VKontakte(, WordPress, Tumblr,  vBulletin and YouTube. Free Up Your Time – Auto Posting On Your Behalf Bloggers

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Five Practical Ecommerce SEO Tips

ecommerce seo

Every website needs a dedicated SEO strategy to get through to the top rankings on search engines, and e-commerce sites are no different. If you own an online shopping portal and have been wondering how to go about its optimization and web promotion, here are five intriguing ecommerce SEO tips which will help you in

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Blogging Tips On Retaining Readers

blogging tips

Are you looking for some blogging tips on how to retain your readers?  Read on to find out what I believe that works. Repeat visits are the life-force of your blog. The new visitors are often few and far between, and many times they will not get past the title of your first blog

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How To Blog? - Be Original

how to blog -be original

How to blog? If you are a blogger, always try to practice unique blog post writing because that is the only way you can make your mark in the world of blogging. Copied content only plagues the World Wide Web and Google simply eliminates sites containing them. Hence, you should always produce unique content

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Web 2.0 Sites for Search Engine Optimization

web 2.0 for seo

  What is Web 2.0? Websites with interactive capabilities are referred to as web 2.0. Users of web 2.0 websites can generate content for these websites and collaborate with other users. SEO managers have loved web 2.0 websites for a while, and they’ve been a major part of link building campaigns for a couple years. As

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5 Must-Have Free WordPress Themes

free WordPress themes

Five Best Free WordPress Themes This article introduces 5 free top WordPress Themes that ever site owner should check out before making any decision on your themes selection. Delicacy This is the top-rated free WordPress theme among  the weekly collection. it has received 13 stars from the raters so far.  As the name suggests, Delicacy

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How to Get Backlinks for Better Google Ranking

how to get backlinks

This article shows you 15 legitimate ways of how to get backlinks that Google loves. Backlinks are links that appear on another website and point to yours. When readers from the other site click on an anchor text linked to one of your webpages, they will come to your site. Building backlinks is crucial for

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