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Avoid These eCommerce Mistakes

eCommerce mistakes to avoid

In nowadays, it is possible to set up an eCommerce website in just a matter of minutes and start to make profit right away. However, as eCommerce industry being fast developing at a dizzying pace, many eCommerce owners are left behind the game with some mistakes that they may not recognize. Here I list some

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Three Websites to Hire a Designer on a Budget

design logo, hire a desiger

Every business needs a logo. Every book needs a cover. Every website needs a theme, template and web design. But, not everyone can be qualified as a good designer. So here comes the top three designer marketplace, from where you can hire a designer to meet your design needs. Life is much easier for small

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How to Build a Simple Website in Minutes?

There are tons of reasons for people to want to build a simple website, for promoting business, presentations, party announces, posting resumes, selling crafts, or just a e-business card. Even if you don’t know how to code or design a website, it’s not a problem. To build a simple website can be done in just a few minutes. Let

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Get Your Free Money-Making Website Today!

earn with money-making websites using affiliate marketing

I always love passive income. With passive income, you can work and play anywhere in the world and still make money, you can make money even when you sleep. One popular way of making passive income online is to promote affiliate products on a well-designed website, it is called affiliate marketing. With the tool I’m going

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Practical Tips for Building a Successful Ecommerce Website

ecommerce website converting tips

Imagine how frustrating it could be when you put up an ecommerce website, but nobody buys anything from it. Do you wish you could have an online store like DHGate that attracts so many bargain hunters to its Flash Sale Campaign? Or you could experience the same loyal loves that Newegg’s Combo Deals enjoy among

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Link External Style Sheet to HTML Document

learning web design beginner's guide to html, css, javascript and web graphics

How to link external style sheet to HTML document? The answer is to use a <link />tag in the <head>section of such HTML document. e.g. <head> <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”stylesheet.css”/> </head> The <link /> element is an empty element, it contains attributes only, no closing tag is needed. The “link” element goes only in the

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How to Select a Web Hosting Provider?

web hosting provider

If you type web hosting provider in Google search, you will get about 49 millions of result pages. To select a web hosting provider can be overwhelming — especially if all you are looking for is a place to host your personal website, or a simple site for your organization. Of course, your decision is

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How to Start a Social Networking Site?

make money out of social networking site and online community

Social networking sites are everywhere on the web. They could be very profitable for the owners. Facebook and Twitter have already made their founders among the richest persons in the world. So how to start a social networking site of your own? When you are equipped with the right tools, you don’t have to be

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10 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes

Building ecommerce with woocommerce

WordPress is not just a blogging platform anymore. With the advent of various quality WordPress eCommerce themes and plugins, more and more online stores are now powered by WordPress. If you’ve already had a well running WordPress website, and you would like to add some products to sell online, you can definitely set up a

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Content Curation for Content Marketing

content curation

Content marketing is a key strategy for most internet marketers. Content marketers publish interesting content to get organic search engine traffic, rank their websites higher and make profits from the traffic. Among content marketers,  there is a unique group called content curators. Content curators publish curated content on their websites. Content Curation is very similar to

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6 Factors for More Ecommerce Sales

ecommerce sales - 30 free ecommerce tools

Amazon Ecommerce BestSeller Well, its an Ecommerce era all over the internet. Lots online stores are opening day by day and the competition is getting bigger. How can your new store survive well inside this competition? // < ![CDATA[ ( function() { if (window.CHITIKA === undefined) { window.CHITIKA = { 'units' : [] }; };

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Why Choose WordPress as CMS ?

wordpress as cms

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) that is not only easy to use, but also offers several exciting features. It is the most contemporary and innovative publishing platform that is used by millions of webmasters. The biggest benefit of WordPress is that it focuses on usability and web principles. Let’s have a

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3 Prime Reasons Your Business Needs Mobile Apps (Applications)

mobile apps

Ever wondered whether your business needs its own custom mobile apps? Here we have enumerated a few pointers to help you understand its necessity in the modern context. Have a look; you will understand why mobile apps for business are an absolute necessity. Today almost everyone is connected through mobile networks. Manufacturers, Whole-sellers, Retailers, and

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How to Start A Website Fast For a Newbie?

how to start a website fast

How to start a website fast? There are three answers to this question. Which answer should you choose? It really depends on your individual situation. In this internet era, we all understand the importance of creating a great website for running a successful business, it is like to create a front office of your company,

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SEO | How to Optimize Images

optimize images for more money

Images are big assets for any websites, especially for online ecommerce. Imagine people found a beautiful image through Google’s image-based search engine, or from Facebook, Pinterest and Google+, they followed the link and come to your webpage. That’s much-needed traffic an image can generate for a website. Images not only play an important role for

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