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Practical Tips for Building a Successful Ecommerce Website

ecommerce website converting tips

Imagine how frustrating it could be when you put up an ecommerce website, but nobody buys anything from it. Do you wish you could have an online store like DHGate that attracts so many bargain hunters to its Flash Sale Campaign? Or you could experience the same loyal loves that Newegg’s Combo Deals enjoy among

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How To Get Blog Traffic? | 6 Must Known Tactics

how to get blog traffic?

Traffic not only helps you to create good competition but also tells you how popular your blog is. Traffic is one of the factors which help you to judge whether your blog is successful or not. Many bloggers have been blogging for years, but still are not able to generate a decent volume of traffic.

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SEO | How to Optimize Images

optimize images for more money

Images are big assets for any websites, especially for online ecommerce. Imagine people found a beautiful image through Google’s image-based search engine, or from Facebook, Pinterest and Google+, they followed the link and come to your webpage. That’s much-needed traffic an image can generate for a website. Images not only play an important role for

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An SEO Guide for Beginners | Part 1

an absolute beginner's guide seo

What is Search Engine Optimization? Search Engine Optimization, short form as SEO, is about how to make it easier for search engines to crawl, index and understand a website. In Google’s own words, “Search engine optimization is often about making small modifications to parts of your website.” All these small changes combined together will have a big

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How to Make Money from Keyword Research?

keyword research

Most people don’t believe or understand how keyword research can really increase their profits, but it’s true. Don’t get me wrong, you will never get money for only doing keyword research, unless someone else has hired you to do it for them, but the more keyword research that is done for your own website or

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How Social Signals Help SEO?

social signals

The internet has opened a whole new platform for marketing. With today’s social network savvy generation spending most of their time connected to the virtual world, social media marketing is here to stay. Social Signals – The Virtual Imprint For the basic understanding of how social signals help SEO, we must understand how these signals

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Mobile Search on the Rise: 5 Takeaways for Local Business

mobile search

Mobile search patterns are steadily growing in numbers. The increase is only going to continue with the proliferation of mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, iPads and the like. It means more people are connected to the internet while on the go, and those people are likely searching for information about local business destinations. What does that

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5 FREE SEO Tools For Online Business

seo services

SEO Strategies Best Seller There are numbers of FREE SEO tools that can help in optimizing the presence of your website on the search engine results. Proper marketing is essential for the success of even an excellently developed website,  like an engine is necessary for even an impressive looking sports car to move it fast.

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The Most Important Organic SEO Elements for Your Website

organic seo

When it comes to ranking your website in the search engine results pages (SERPs), you will hear a lot of talk about organic search engine optimization (SEO). When most people think of “organic” they think of plants or foods that are naturally grown without the use of artificial products or services. In this regard, organic

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Five Practical Ecommerce SEO Tips

ecommerce seo

Every website needs a dedicated SEO strategy to get through to the top rankings on search engines, and e-commerce sites are no different. If you own an online shopping portal and have been wondering how to go about its optimization and web promotion, here are five intriguing ecommerce SEO tips which will help you in

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Web 2.0 Sites for Search Engine Optimization

web 2.0 for seo

  What is Web 2.0? Websites with interactive capabilities are referred to as web 2.0. Users of web 2.0 websites can generate content for these websites and collaborate with other users. SEO managers have loved web 2.0 websites for a while, and they’ve been a major part of link building campaigns for a couple years. As

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Why SEO services?

seo services

If you have the budget to avail SEO services, then this is the article to explain what you can get for this expense. Can SEO services help you to gain a return on the investment you spent hiring them? SEO services are able to maintain your website in many ways such as keyword research, development

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5 Effective SEO Techniques For Your Website

new seo techniques

New SEO Techniques In the past, SEO was focused on keywords and technical operations. In other words, it was possible for a blog to rank good in Google Searches even if it had bad content, as long as it was solidly optimized. During the latest years, Google and other search engines declared war to the

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3 Crafty SEO Tools Employed by E-commerce SEO Experts

seo tools for e-commerce

Over my five-year career in the search engine optimization profession, I have used a number of different SEO tools to make my job more efficient. Although some SEO tools are better and more expensive than others, I found a few that are invaluable to my work as a search marketing specialist. Now taking on more

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How to do Keyword Research using Microsoft Excel ?

longtail keyword research guide

Click to Learn When  I am setting up a new website or even if I am just stuck for ideas on what to write for a blog post I like to do a bit of keyword research. Spread sheet programs like Microsoft Excel, which can be used to make all sorts of financial and business decisions, can

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