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A Smart Tool for Connecting Social Media Websites

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You would love this Free online tool to:


Read this infographic carefully!

You can create a domino reaction using this IFTTT tool.

connecting social media websites

This is a great time saver is a smart online tool for connecting any two social media websites or digital services to simplify your daily life.  “IFTTT” represents “if this then that”.  If there is a trigger, then an action will happen.   With the help of this online tool, everyone can be creative in this digital world. The founder of this service calls this tool “digital duct tape”:

you can take two things in the digital world and combine them in ways the original creators never imagined.

With more and more channels available on this website, you can connect any two of them using the logical way of  thinking “If this (channel) then that (channel)” to create a “recipe”. Recipe is the word used to describe a combination of a trigger and an action from two active channels. Once you’ve created a “recipe”, you can “Set it and forget it.” It will run for you automatically for as long as you wish.

Be creative! with

Besides the recipes described in the infographic,  there are a ton of “recipes” that have been created at

This is another feature that I love about Anyone can create their personal recipes and can share them within this creative community. If you found some great recipes, you can choose to use it and it will start to work for you automatically.

optimize images _create beautiful images by yourself

How to create this image by yourself?

Let me give you some examples:

If you type “Facebook” under the Browse tab, you can find over 20,000 recipes using the Facebook channel. Many of them I’ve never thought of before:

  • Auto Post to Facebook on January 1st at midnight. (note: this link leads to another Free wordpress plugin, if you have a wordpress blog, combine these two free tools together, the results will be even better. )
  • Add Flickr photos tagged “FB” to Facebook.
  • Schedule your daily or weekly Facebook page posts.

Craigslist is one of the channels offered at; you won’t miss any good deals. Check out these recipes:

  • All jobs from a local Craigslist to be posted on Blogger
  • Send me an email when any new Jeep Wranglers under $12,000 are posted on Craigslist Tampa

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The Stocks channel at provides triggers to help monitor stock quotes. Some recipes using this channel include:

  • Stock watch to SMS
  • If the stock price rises above $$, send me an email
  • If Apple’s stock price drops below $350, post a message

Great tool for Internet Marketers:

This is especially a great tool for internet marketers to efficiently manage multiple social media websites, get updates immediately and get connected with followers.

For example:

  • if you use short urls to make money online, once you’ve posted your URLs in one social media account, with some proper IFTTT recipes, the same message should go to Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit, Google+… as many places as you designed.
  • if you are an active blogger,then the same works. Write an article on your blog, using Social media auto poster plugin to auto post to twitter, then from there, with the help of IFTTT, your new post should travel to many social media websites and reach more audience.
  • if you are an affiliate marketer, get your affiliate links, post them on twitter, e.g., IFTTT will take care of the rest part of job for spreading the words out to all your followers.
  • if you are making extra money using paid emails and paid surveys, you should know that many programs reward you for referring friends and followers. By setting up effective IFTTT recipes,  all these jobs of posting on social media websites should be handled automatically after your initial post.


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