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How to Make a Website? | The Fight Over "Site Build It" | Scam Review

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Site Build ItThis is not a review about Site Build It – the website building service.  I am currently not using SBI to build my website. This is about my opinion of SBI.

Why do I write anything about “Site Build It”?

Because this topic really got me hooked up.

I accidentally came to know this topic from Steve Pavlina’s personal blog since he is promoting SBI on his website.

Use Site Build-It to create your own money-making website, and earn passive income while you sleep.

— Cite from “Steve Recommends”

From Steve’s personal experience, he used to try to teach other newbies to start their own online business, but many times failed because

“No matter how clearly you explain it, it’s just really hard for people to grasp the details, so they always screw it up. But instead of trying to teach people how to handle every little technical detail, Ken (Evoy – the founder of  SBI) decided to build a service that would do it for them, automating as much as of the process as humanly possible.”

Reading Steve’s recommendation about SBI, I was quite intrigued by SBI’s business model.  I spent a good amount of time visiting the SBI site.  It is a huge website with tons of information and promoting articles and videos in it.  Check out this SBI sitemap here to see what is inside this product.

This is just the start of my interest in this topic.  By first visiting SBI website,  I was quite convinced that SBI is a good product for people who seriously plan to start an online business, especially for people who have no previous knowledge of website hosting, website designing, html coding, email marketing, etc.

I used WordPress from the start. I still recall how frustrated I was when trying to figure out how to use sidebars, widgets, how to install and set plugins, let alone learning html little by little from scratch, tweaking the design to make it better.  I believe I would grab this SBI without hesitation if I knew this product at the time when I started.  Learning curve is quite different individually, for some people, it might need a lengthy time of learning before any successful results came in sight, and this alone is not encouraging for anyone to stick on.

This positive feeling toward SBI made me start further research about this product, and that is when I got hooked up and spent my good two days just reading all the reviews and scam reports.

It is quite interesting to read many of those reviews and comments. Obviously there are as many SBI advocates as SBI finger-pointers on the web.  Anyone reading so many opinions about this product will have their own opinion. This is the reason I write this post – to have my opinion heard.  You can agree or disagree with me, but what I write here is what my true belief is.

SBI is not for everyone

SBI is a great product for new online business ventures. It is not just a website hosting or website designing tool. It offers a streamlined process including domain name registration, web site hosting, tools for content creation, content management, blogging tools, market research tools, traffic tools, SEO, email marketing, form builder, auto site map builder, RSS feeds, newsletter builder, to just name a few.

To any online business veterans, all these good features of SBI may not sound inviting as all these are doable by yourself if you are good at learning and willing/be able to spend time to learn.  That is why this product is not a one size fit all.

I think to find out if this SBI product is right for YOU to start your online business is depending on your answers to these questions:

  • Are you a good learner?
  • Do you have time to learn?

Regardless of the current economy situation, there always are people who have lost their jobs and need to start new quick and see results fast to support their families. No time for luxury self-learning.

  • Do you want to spend more time by self-learning?

If you have all “yes” to these questions, I think you should skip this product and find a free/cheaper website hosting service and learn your way up. However, if your answer to any of these questions is “no”, you probably should do a bit further compare to see if SBI will benefit you more than other products out there.

Why anyone with internet marketing and website design skills would use SBI? My guess is that probably these people like to use SBI’s all-in-one toolbox such as Brainstorm keyword research tool and analysis tools. If you happen to know anyone who fits into this category and using SBI, please share your insights in the comment area. Your sharing will be appreciated.

SBI is not a guarantee for online business success

If anyone promises a guarantee to your success, it must be a flat-out lie.  SBI could not give you promise for success, nor could WordPress, Blogger or any other website building tools.  What SBI can offer to beginners is a quick jump-start, a hand-on guidance and a simplified process to build your online business.

SBI removes the technical barriers allowing you to keep your attention on building your business. Many functions are completely automated. You don’t need to know anything upfront about building a Web site in order to succeed. The tedious, “under-the-hood” stuff is handled automatically so you can focus on other important business-building activities.”

— cite from 

SBI emphasizes on building a solid, profitable business foundation using the right process coined as  Content > Traffic > PREsell > Monetize. You can learn this elsewhere by scrabbling on the web and piecing together all the knowledge.  The only difference is that it might take time.

So what you can really get from SBI? 

The convenience, therefore,  the saving of your time and energy.

What are people fight about?

SBI charges $299 yearly membership fee to hosting and building your SBI website.   Is it overcharged?

It is overcharged for some people who don’t need all these hand-on guidance. It is not overcharged if what they provide could help you have a smooth start. Knowledge is the power for success, if SBI can equip you with adequate knowledge for success, then there should be no complain about the $299 cost.  To put it this way, how much would you like to pay for the convenience SBI brings to you?

Some people accused SBI of not allowing you to own your own domains, which seems to be not true because many SBIers clarified this was false already.

Can you transfer your website out of SBI?  This is the main concern for me if I ever would consider SBI.  Many SBIers started from SBI, learnt the rope and outgrown the first learning stage.  They chose to move on to other free/cheaper web hosting services. Apparently for some of those not techy like me,  it’s not going to be easy to do the transfer, but nothing is impossible as many ex-SBIers proved it.  Saying that ” You are tied up with SBI for life.” is a bit exaggerating, but the difficulty to transfer in the end will make me put that cost into consideration at the beginning.


 This is my opinion on SBI

  • Is SBI a scam?


  • Is SBI right for you at your current stage of life?

For me.  I think I have passed the initial stage as a newbie;  time is not a issue for me to learn more;  and I am not in a mad rush to make money online.  How about you?

  • Do you recommend SBI?

 I think there should be no “hype” or “blame” about SBI, it is just one of those convince you can buy if you choose to. I will recommend SBI to the right people who are looking for this type of convenience.

 Therefore, my suggestion is to evaluate your unique situation and see if SBI is the right tool for your success.


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