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Start Your Voice Over Business On the Internet

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voice over microphoneHave you ever considered starting your own voice over services on the Internet? If you have the wish to do so but you`re not sure how exactly this will work out for you and your potential business, here are important points.

First of all, keep in mind that voice over is part of the entertainment business. What does this mean? Well, as being part of the so competitive show business, voice acting goes together with all the advantages and disadvantages of this business.

So, in order to succeed, here applies the rule of the entertainment industry, that
a) the audience is the most important factor for measuring success.
b) you have to sincerely love what you do in order to stand out from the mass.

In other words, you should be ready to dedicate time, money, and energy in order to break into such a competitive business. In addition, don’t forget that as an owner of your business you should master your business and marketing skills in order to market yourself as the best option when it comes to voice over.
voice over business
So, once you have become clear with yourself about the sacrifices and efforts you need to put into developing your voice over internet business, you are ready to start.

As your business will be developed and lead entirely via the internet, all you need (apart from all the things mentioned in the previous paragraph) is a good (really good!) computer which has a good sound, a microphone, a recording software and, of course, fast internet connection.

So far, so good.

However, there is more to your business than the equipment and your skills. You need a venue.

Moreover, your work place (whether it`s a room in your house or an office) should have good acoustics for satisfactory recording. The good acoustics will prevent from echoes and outside noises to damage your recording.


Once you have your studio settled down, and you start recording, you should think of how you`re going to promote and market yourself. If you are a one-man-standing without an agent, you`ll be limited regarding different projects` auditions which you could enter. Consider submitting yourself to an agent but bear in mind that many of the agents refuse to work with voice actors through the internet. It would be hard, but find your niche, either as a self-representative voice actor, or with an agent who`s willing to work with actors via internet.

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Take the best out of your own space. Record, listen, re-record and improve your performance. The home studio gives you the quiet and self-sufficient atmosphere where you can relax and work in the manner that best suits you.

Once you have found your way to the covenant auditions, don’t forget that your job as a voice actor is to create real characters who are telling a story. Make them believable and bring them to life.

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This is a guest post by Gloc Media, a London-based digital marketing agency in their voice over agency project.


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