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20 Most Commonly Asked Social Media Questions

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social media questionsPeople come with all sorts of questions when they first use social networks. While most of social media questions are about search engine optimization (SEO), you can find several random ones being asked by online users. Below is a list of 20 most asked social media questions that will help you learn about social networks. These answers should benefit your business online.


Can Google+ authorship have any effect to my traffic?

The simple answer is, “yes, it can”. Google+ Authoriship helps people see what you have already created, and if they like it, they can gain access to your other articles within your profile.

Is social media important for search engine optimization?

Yes. Social media marketing is quite important for your SEO campaign, which is the reason why you should think seriously of integrating social media into your blog or website. You can always start with a Facebook Fan page, Google+ page, and Twitter profile.

Will Google index my social media posts?

Most of your posts will be seen on Google, especially the ones you make on Google+ and Facebook – some of your posts from Twitter and YouTube may find a place on the Google SERPs.

Is there any difference between a Facebook fan page and a Google+ page?

They are essentially the same, as you can set up a page on Google+ for your website or business, and you can do the same on Facebook.

Is it possible to create a fake Facebook profile?

Yes, it is possible; in fact, you can see hundreds of thousands of them out there. You can change your identity and pretend to be another person – it is also possible to create a Facebook profile for your cat or dog.

Do they have any copyright laws to protect my post?

You may see others using your posts if you’re posting on Facebook or another public forum, which means there is no copyright protection available; however, it doesn’t mean that you share a part of a copyright protected book on a public forum and anyone can re-post it without permission.

Can I break the law on social media?

Yes, very easily. Just because it is poorly policed does not mean you are not breaking the law. Posting copyrighted videos or posting images of drug usage or child abuse is breaking the law.

Is it possible for someone to steal my identity on social media?

Yes, it is. If you share a lot of stuff about you and your personal life on social media, anyone looking at the information can easily steal your original identity.

Does the government monitor social media?

Yes, the government officials always monitor activities on social media networks, but they are more concerned about finding criminals, terrorists, etc.

social networking site

Is it possible for others to copy my images from social media?

If they can see it, they can definitely copy it. Even if you have your images posted on pages that come with image protection protocols, others can simply take screen-prints to keep a copy of your images.

Is it possible to hide my real age on social media?

Yes, it is possible, and many people often lie about their age on social media. In fact, hundreds of old people pretend to be young and young folks lie about their age and act as if they are old.

Is it possible to use social media to create or improve your online reputation?

Yes, it is possible. If used sensibly, you can make yourself appear as if you’re an expert of something. You can also make others think as if you’re a great lover or are extremely funny in real life. On this communication platform, it is quite easy to portray a different image of yourself.

Is it possible for others to bully me through social media?

Yes, it is possible, but you can always block others to look at or comment on your profile. Still, it doesn’t mean there aren’t ways people can use to bully you, which is quite sad.

Can you build your brand with social media?

Yes, it is possible; in fact, many people come to social media only for brand building. You can use your profile to share information about your brand, principles, aims and beliefs.

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Why did they closed my account even though I did nothing wrong?

It’s quite common actually, and you cannot do anything about it. The reason is that major social media networks have it stated in their policy that they have the right to close down any profile for no apparent reason at all – they don’t have to notify you and can cancel your account permanently. Usually, you get your account restricted or canceled when someone else reports you for something.

Why people hack other people’s social media account?

They do it for different reasons; however, the most common reason is that people do it to improve the SEO of another website, for which they make use of your personal information.

Can Google penalize me for soliciting links on Facebook?

No, they don’t – at least, that’s what the official answer is. They should not be monitoring it, but there is no solid evidence that they do or don’t.

Is there any way to tell that the other profile user is or isn’t a real person?

No, there is no way to find this information. Anyone can come and have a social media account – they don’t have to share anything about their background, age, etc. Therefore, you simply cannot tell who is using a particular social media account.

Is it fine to direct-sell a product on social media?

No, it will land you in trouble. To use social media for this purpose, you will have to subscribe for their affiliate programs – this will give you the rights to create and share direct-sell adverts.

Will you be going against of restraining orders by contacting over social media?

Yes, that’s true. When you have a form of injunction against you, it means you cannot contact another person – even if you contact him/her over social media.

So, this is the most commonly asked 20 social media quesions. Did you get any answers you needed? Do you have other social media questions to ask? Kindly leave your questsions and comments below.

Korah Morrison, former student, is a freelance writer at – best student’s help.

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