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Social Media Managing Software - Hootsuite for Business

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social media managing softwareIf you are one of those many business owners who struggle daily with time management, you need to know more about this social media managing software.  As a busy business owner, the to-do-list is endless.

It’s to your big disadvantage if you can’t effectively promote your business through social media marketing, simply because you don’t have time to frequently update your Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn profile, Pinterest pinboards and blog content; never mind to have time analysing the data about how well different campaigns are working.

Imagine you are in the middle of social networking with a dozen of tabs opened for multiple social accounts, and couldn’t have anything done because you are constantly interrupted by all other managing tasks. Frustrating!

But your help is at hand.

Hootesuite is a social media managing software that consolidates all of your social media accounts into one dashboard, making it much easier and simpler to keep up with all of them.

Here are the five key features that make Hootsuite a must have social media managing software for every business owners.

Analysis feature

Analytics can be a bit like eating vegetables or getting enough exercise. You know you need to do it. You know you’ll feel better once you do it. But…. It seems downright painful and it’s so easy to put off.

Hootsuite can take care of that. It can monitor your link popularity, comments, shares, page views and followers as well as track the demographics of your followers. It can even monitor references to your company or your competition. Yes, you do still have to look at the results and use them to guide your social media marketing, but Hootsuite does the heavy lifting for you.


As your social media presence grows, your content management gets more complicated. You can use Hootsuite to keep it simple when you need to get messages to specific segments of your audience, publish content, cross post messages and similar tasks.

Coordinating with team members

You may have a team of staff involved in your social media efforts, which does save time and ease the burden, but it can be frustrating to keep everyone on the same page at the same time. Hootsuite’s dashboard allows you to send messages, arrange meetings and even make phone calls. You decide who is involved in each conversation, and you coordinate it, but with much less time and effort.

You can also use Hootsuite to delegate tasks to members of your team. For example, if you have get a question posted in a comment to one of your blog or Facebook posts that requires the expertise of a specific staff person, you can use the Hootsuite dashboard to assign the task of replying to that person. When staff members log in to Hootsuite, they will which tasks you’ve assigned to them.

Access all social networks in a one place

With all of your social media dashboards consolidated in one place with Hootsuite, you simply log in once to access everything. You can schedule when content will be posted to your various pages from this single, centralized dashboard.

Customizable package

Hootsuite is scalable. You can chose from a range of options with a range of features and prices. Smaller businesses with just a few people involved might prefer the free version, which gives you up to five profiles and just the basic features. Medium sized companies with more staff and more online profiles can get a version that supports up to 50 profiles. And there is even an option that has unlimited profiles for really large companies with many products on the market. Whatever size a company is, time is always in short supply and managing it properly is always a challenge we all need help to do.


James Scott is a writer and blogger for a Rubber Flooring company in Sleaford. Why not visit his website or check out his Google Plus profile.

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