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Social Media For Business | 5 Tactics to Succeed on Facebook

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social networking site vs. Google Nowadays, most companies are engaged in social media for business purpose, such as Facebook, twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn and YouTube.   Each social platform has its own unique way to interact with and lead followers and consumers. This article is focused on 5 tactics small business can use to be successful on Facebook.

These days, most of us are comfortable using Facebook to post pictures, catch up with friends, and share funny links from across the Internet, but Facebook should not be overlooked from a professional standpoint. Though LinkedIn is often the first social media platform associated with businesses, there is no reason Facebook can’t be as helpful for building a brand and promoting services. In fact, today, Facebook boasts close to a billion users, which means the scope of your audience is larger than any other social network.
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Read on for five ways to gain Facebook likesfor , increase followers, and market your business on Facebook. 

Be a Regular

When it comes to engaging your followers, the best way to keep people talking is to offer up content worth commenting on. It’s a bad idea to use Facebook in spurts. Be consistent, post regularly and followers will learn that Facebook is a priority for the business.

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Ask Questions

Posing questions to Facebook followers is a win/win situation.

First, everyone likes to share their opinion so when you ask questions, you are more likely to see participation with the page. Heavy engagement will boost your edge-rank score and bump you to the top of more news-feeds. Financial education company, Online Trading Academy, asked their followers on Facebook what their day trading strategy was. The response was great and they generated a lot of buzz around their page with that one simple question.
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Secondly, if you ask questions specific to your product or services, you can gain valuable, insightful feedback from consumers without conducting a formal survey. Facebook users might not be a completely random sample of customers, but it can’t hurt to get the consumer opinion and take those ideas into account.

Post Pictures

Pictures are the most shared type of media across social networks. Take advantage of the popularity of images by posting a minimum of one picture a week on the company page. While the best ones will include an element of humor, some variation is a good idea. Try posting pictures of employees “behind the scenes” at work to illustrate the office culture and humanize the business to the Facebook community.
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Update the Cover Photo

One great way to increase exposure is by updating the cover phone on a regular basis. The Facebook algorithm considers actions like changing a profile picture or background image very important and will subsequently post the notification in many followers’ news feeds.  Changing the cover photo can boost exposure to your page and lead to more “likes”, comments, and shares.

Promote Posts

Another option for increasing engagement is to pay a small fee to gain exposure for the page. For just a couple dollars, you can update your status, ideally include a photo and maybe a link to the blog or main website, and promote the post. A promoted post typically gets bumped to the top of friends’ news feeds for three to five days after posting. Additionally, you can opt for friends-of-friends to be exposed to the post as well, which can bring in new fans and potential customers.

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These days, it is fairly intuitive to use Facebook on a personal level but optimizing Facebook for business is another approach entirely. Take advantage of these ideas and watch as engagement on your page grows over time.

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Brian Patterson is working for TradingAccademy. part of his job is to manage his company’s social media accounts and interact with the followers.


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