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How to Track Effectiveness of Social Media Campaigns

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social media campaignsSocial media campaign is no longer a choice now for online business entrepreneurs. These days, business brands that are proactively using these social media marketing tools are observing numerous benefits, including – a boost in engagement rates with customers, worldwide exposure and thereby increased in sales and profits rates. This particularly is the reason that today numerous businesses are inclined to best leverage these online tools with effective social media marketing strategies.

If your business brand is getting started with social media, then you must have heard about some key factors to consider while devising the effective strategy. These key factors include –

  • the choice of platform
  • managing your resources for that particular social channel
  • engagement of your online targeted audience and their profile, etc.

However besides all these factors, it is also very important to know whether your efforts are paying off as this can help you adapt your social media campaigns to better meet your goals and improve the return on your investments.

As making efforts blindly without monitoring results can be a sheer waste of time, therefore today businesses are more inclined towards finding if their social media campaign is helping them reach their goals or not.

Due to this particular reason many great platforms like Facebook and twitter enable brands to track their reach and also the effectiveness of their social media campaigns. There are a handful of affordable as well as free tools that can help you track the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.

Free tools to track your social media campaigns:

Google Analytics

The comprehensive analytic service provided by Google can track the activities of the user on any particular website, such as data about audience, traffic source, landing pages and bounce rates, conversion rates, etc.

Wildfire’s Social Media Monitor

Wildfire is a social media marketing company that offers a free tool to monitor your social media campaigns. It helps businesses in marking their online presence status on the forums like Twitter, Facebook, etc. versus that of your competitors. With the help of this tool,  you can compare the number of Facebook likes, visitors, and followers each page has including Facebook, twitter or even the instagram followers.


Once any business entrepreneur signed-up, klout helps them understand and have knowledge about the extent of influence their network able to establish across their social media platforms.

My Top Tweet

This Twitter tool help you find which of your tweets got the most re-tweets. This tool ranks your top 10 most-shared tweets and also counts the retweets over them. This tool proved helpful for many business brands as it also allow business entrepreneurs to have an idea about what works best for other brands, including of their competitors.

The above mentioned are only the few tools, however there are hundreds and thousands of tools available that online businesses can use to effectively measure everything regarding their social media marketing strategies. But you will be wasting your resources, time, and money, if you fail to monitor certain selective metrics that certainly matters to your brand.

Metrics to measure your social media campaigns:

YES. There are some significant metrics that one should use to measure the effectiveness of their social media marketing campaign. Summed up are the few metrics that were used as a baseline for numerous successful social media marketing campaigns.

  1. Tracking and analyzing the responses received by your posts, tweets, and status updates. Once you find out the interesting topics that have effectively engaged your targeted audience, then you can adjust your content plan to get the best engagement and responses.
  2. The second metric is number of shares your updates and post receive. As each update and every post is a conversation-starter, the conversation can gain momentum if the post is shared number of time sufficiently.
  3. If you combine reach with engagement, you have the potential that your updates can go viral.

However, the size of your network and the number of target audience you are reaching with your updates, everything depends upon the number of followers you have for your brand.

Conclusively, it is not at all easy to assess the success of any social media marketing strategies; however by making use of above mentioned tools and metrics as a baseline for your social media campaigns, you can effectively determine what is working best for you and what’s not.


James Kark  is a social Media Manager at helps business entrepreneurs buy Facebook likes and thus assists them in developing the effective social media strategy targeted to the specific customers.

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