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Avoid These SEO Mistakes

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SEO For Free Organic Traffic

Every single  internet marketer couldn’t afford to ignore the power of search engine optimization. No matter how much you can budget to buy traffic to you website, organic traffics from Google search and other search engines are the best ones that convert the most.  The reason behind this is: people looking for solutions conduct Google search and tend to click organic search results more often than advertisements. Apparently internet users put more trust on organic results.

Traffic is the blood stream of your online business, more organic traffic generated from thoughtful search engine optimization is on every website owner’s wishlist.

Among all venues of search engine optimization, there are some wrongful conduction which, unfortunately, will ruin your SEO efforts and cause your website less visibility due to search engine ignorance or search engine penalties.                                                                                        [toc]

Avoid These SEO Mistakes

Not using  keywords:

All the information on the internet are sorted by the keywords. and relevant topics. Search engines use these keywords to find related websites for a specific query. Choosing a keyword is choosing a niche for your website.  Choosing a keyword is also choosing the audience for your website. Some keywords have great competitions among big online players. In order to avoid this, using keywords tools to find the right group of keywords that have less competition but offer a reasonable amount of monthly queries.

Keywords stuffing

This refers to using keywords too often in context that makes the article sound repetitive and unnatural. Google will think this unethical and punish the site.

Using unrelated keywords

This is to spam. Don’t use popular but unrelated keywords to your websites in hope of bringing more traffic.


To copy others’ work is plagiarism. It is a form of stealing and Google punish this behavior.  There are many free SEO tools available to check if your content is authentic, such as smallseotools. Plagiarism is not content curation.  Content curation is on the rise due to the added value to the original contents and its convenience it bring to the end users, and there is always a rule to follow: credit the original sources. However, for plagiarism, there is nothing great about it, it is just a pure disgraceful conduct.

Using invisible texts with keywords

There are some different reasons to use invisible texts, one of them is to stuff keywords for manipulating search engines, this is another spam. Most obvious spam include using same color for texts and background, or choosing text font size “zero”, thus human eyes can not detect these keywords, but search bots could be misguided for a higher keywords ranking.  Google’s guideline for hidden text and links gives more examples of  invisible keywords stuffing for images and videos.

Links not functioning

An easy way to detect broken links is to avail free online link checking tools such as Broken link check or link checker. This is easy to understand but sometimes hard to eliminate, especially when a website has thousands of pages. It is essential for a happy user experience to make sure all the links on a website work well. Nothing will be more frustrating than to click an interested link only leads to nowhere or a wrong place.

Over optimization

This video below by randfish from, the authority site for SEO monitoring, explains what is “over optimization” and how to avoid being slapped by Google for this cause.

Low quality links
  1. Inter links from one site to another which are owned by the same person.
  2. Link networks or link farms for link exchanges.
  3. Link directories.
  4. Links from spammy websites.
  5. Links from totally unrelated websites that appear unnaturally.
  6. Blogroll and Site-wides (links appears across the entire website).
  7. Forum signatures and profiles, these are acceptable but not very effective for SEO results.

Backlinks to your website is not considered “the more the better”. Quality links will improve your search engine optimization, while links with low quality such as aforementioned may harm your standing in Google and other search engines. Use a free backlinks checker to check if the links to your website have great quality, try at Small SEO Tools.  The rule of thumb in link building is to build the links naturally. Improve the content richness to invite others to link to you. It is not a game of numbers for link building, sites with fewer good inbound links (e.g. links from authority websites) outweigh those  with bunch of random low quality links.

wrong ways to use tags

Meta tags include some commonly used tags such as meta description tags, meta keywords tags, meta geo-tags, as well as meta title tags. Mea description tags and title tags are two most important tags for SEO purpose. Check out my related posts of Meta Tags and Title Tags to find out how to use them correctly.  Pay no attention to Meta tags and Title tags is a sure way to blindfold end users to your websites.

Images without alt attribute

We all know that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Webpages with images and photos are more pleasant and inviting to the readers. With more and more images uploaded to the internet, alt tags for images become  a necessity. They interprets the images to the readers for when the images themselves could not appear on the screen for any reasons.  The same rule for keywords works for image alt attribute, so don’t use this as a place to stuff keywords, that is a recipe for harmful outcomes.

Images file names without keywords

The photo above was taken during our local balloon festival. The file name used to be “060.jpg” which does not tell search engine anything about this photo. I renamed this file to “balloon-festival. jpg”. With these descriptive keywords in the file name, now search engine understand how to categorize this photo. When people search for images, great images with file name could guide more traffic to the original websites.


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