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SEO Tips | Guest Blogging For A Win-Win

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guest bloggingAs one of the effective SEO techniques, guest blogging has gained more and more popularity. If you have a decent website, you probably have already been approached by some people asking for guest blogging opportunities.

The Benefits of Guest Blogging

One main purpose for many to ask for guest blogging is to build quality relevant backlinks for their own websites. Usually as an exchange for a great article, the blog owners would add a link back to the guest blogger’s website.


The more guest posts you contribute on quality websites, the more valuable and Google friendly backlinks you can build for your own website.The number of backlinks translates to the importance and the popularity of a website in terms of SEO algorithm, the more, the better.

Besides this, a guest blogger can gain extra exposure to different new crowds and audience from blogging websites.This will ultimately nurture more followers and email subscribers.

Guest blogging also helps guest blogger to gain a status of “an expert” in a niche, promote a brand or build up authority. One thing worth mention is to find relevant blogs for guest blogging. Backlinks from irrelevant websites are most often not appreciated by search engines.

By reaching out to other websites of similar interest, a guest blogger can build up rapport with more allies in the same niche industry,  and will ultimately help to attract more guest posts to his/her own websites.

What do a blog owner gain by having guest blogging?

It is the fresh content the guest blogging brings into your website that help to maintain your readership and improve your SEO. The new ideas and concepts, different point of views, different tones and personalities, the combination of different keywords and phrases brought in by the guest posts, all these naturally integrate with the original content of a blog and help elevate a blog to a next level.

Also, after the publishing of a guest post, the guest bloggers would tell their own followers and social network contacts about the new articles, spread the words about the blog and naturally bring in more exposure for the blog.

Furthermore, by allowing guest blogging on your own website, the blog owner can reduce his/her own workload of keeping up fresh content. In order to keep readers engaged and attract more visitors to a blog,  the blog owner has to constantly publish new relevant articles. Sometimes finding the new topic alone is not an easy task. Guest blogging can easily fill the gap between the owner’s own posts to keep the blog fresh and entertaining.

Guest blogging also helps to improve search engine optimization. Google routinely crawls websites for updates and new contents, guest blogging can help inject new life into the blog that search engines love.

For Guest Bloggers: How to find relevant blogs for guest blogging?

If you have knowledge of “how to make money online?” and anything related to this topic, such as social network cash machine, get paid click, make money with/without a website, how to blog for money….or any topics that you see relevant to,  you can certainly contact for submitting your articles.

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For guest bloggers to meet up with website owners, you can join some networks such as, MyBlogGuest network, sign up with Bloggerlinkup newsletters, or register with This could be a good start to find websites that meet your requirements and approach the owners for guest blogging.

However, we can never underestimate the use of Google to find great websites for guest blogging.  It may be time-consuming and tedious to do the hunting, but it is worth the trouble to have real SEO results and more followers in the end.

In order to find websites which allow guest posting, do Google search using your keywords “plus” these phrases below:
” guest post”  “guest posting”  “guest blog”  “guest blogging”  “write for us”  “writing for us”  “write for me”  “submit a post” “submit an article” “contribute”  “contribution”  “be a contributor” “submit guest posts”  “guest blogger”  “become our writer”   “want to write”  “guest posts guidelines”  “write for +website name”

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For Blog Owners: Watch out for “thin content” offered by irresponsible guest bloggers.

Since accept quality guest blogging, I have been contacted constantly by other bloggers and website owners for guest blogging opportunities.  It is no rare to see from time to time some thin contents being presented.
How do I define “thin content”?

  • duplicate content published before I approve the publishing or after I’ve published. 
  • plagiarism content that has been modified in someway, usually it is hard to read.
  • badly crafted articles with very little values to my readers.
  • Many grammar mistakes.

Although it has been written clearly on my “write for us” page that only welcome unique and quality contents, I am still getting contacted for guest blogging with duplicate contents.  I take 3 step approaches to prevent any duplicate content from appearing on my blog or staying on my blog.

  • Using to check its originality when submitted.
  • Since usually the guest posts are scheduled for publishing, I check it originality right before it is published.
  • Regularly check some published guest posts to make sure the same article is not published somewhere again later on.


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