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5 Effective SEO Techniques For Your Website

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New SEO techniques

New SEO Techniques

In the past, SEO was focused on keywords and technical operations. In other words, it was possible for a blog to rank good in Google Searches even if it had bad content, as long as it was solidly optimized.

During the latest years, Google and other search engines declared war to the blogs promoting other websites in an artificial way, increasing the importance of good content for Google ranking.

Outdated SEO Techniques:

For this reason, several websites that were so popular disappeared. Let’s see why:

–       The Content Farms are those websites that only have a large number of articles, with bad quality, written only with the purpose of promoting other blogs of less value to readers. Those were the first websites affected in spring 2012, when Google decided to introduce Panda and Penguin algorithms.

–       The artificial forums, meaning those forums where fake comments were posted, only with the purpose of creating links to other websites. As the importance of backlinks is not so huge today (although it is still significant), those blogs were also affected.

–       Content portals – those are also some websites that have the characteristics of content farms, with the difference that the articles are random, and they are placed with the same purpose of getting backlinks.

In nowadays, using the services of those companies is a mistake, as they would never be able to bring you the estimated results.

Effective SEO Techniques:

If you want to have a solid website, you will have to follow the 2013 SEO directions and learn the SEO techniques that really work:

1. Content

Good and informative content would always remain the strongest SEO weapon, and as Google continues to define its algorithms, the engine becomes more and more competent in identifying relevant content. The keywords would have their importance, but they would have to be used in a more precise manner. By stuffing an article with keywords, you will only make it a spam.

 2. SEO is better than PPC

Although there are not many specialists knowing this, but 95% of users would click the organic results, not those generated by PPC. Therefore, the importance of good SEO is bigger than the importance of paid campaigns. It is true that you might need a PPC campaign now and then, but this only to promote a new product or service. In any case, don’t try to replace solid SEO by investing hundreds of dollars in PPC campaigns.

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3. Social Media

The importance of social media as a marketing instrument is huge today. Visual marketing can be seen even on the new social networks such as Pinterest and Google Plus. The Google Plus social network started small, but it started to produce a significant traffic. There is nothing surprising here, as it makes sense for Google to favor its own social network instead of others.

You can also expect better results and captivating marketing videos on YouTube, as we are talking about the second most used search engine in the world, which is also a Google service. By combining social media with a nice and attractive video on YouTube, you can obtain viral marketing, which is the fastest, most reliable and effective method to benefit of free publicity.

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4. Mobile Marketing

The mobile devices continue their fight for world domination, and it seems like this trend would not change anytime soon. Today, it is important to have a solid mobile presence, with an application or at least with ads, and this can be done with solid SEO for mobile terminals.

5. Voice Searches

As Google strives to impose voice searches and basically, any service based on voice recognition, we expect the appearance of voice SEO soon. In any case, we can expect major changes for this year, and the SEO companies would have to revise their approach towards this market.


Kyle Newman is an internet marketer who currently works as the in house search engine optimization specialist for a software design firm. He hopes to grow the website into one that can provide excellent services comparable to those that are currently being offered by well-known internet marketing website SEOP Inc. Follow him on Twitter @KyleCNewman

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