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Sell Ads Space on Your Websites

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sell ads space

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After having an established website with some reasonable traffic volume, any website owners may consider selling ads space on their websites to monetize. It is especially popular for bloggers to monetize their blogs through ads placements.

This article will introduce some ads brokers to connect publishers like you with advertisers. As publishers, you can join all of them for free. They will take some cut from your ads revenue once you start to make some money from placing ads on your websites.

Sell sponsored reviews to monetize your website

You can sell sponsored posts on Sponsored Reviews. You need to register your website first, it is free to do so, but it is up to Sponsored Reviews to decide if you can join the publisher’s force. Once you are approved as a publisher, you can set up your own price from $10 to $250 for a sponsored review to be purchased and posted on your website. You can start to look for “opportunities” and send your bids to advertisers.   In most cases, you are responsible to write sponsored posts.
The big drawback of this site is the big pay cut of 50% from your ads revenue, which almost makes me moan. However, if you could register as a free employer with and post a free new job post, describing how your advertisers want the sponsored posts to be; as far as you get paid more than you pay other freelancers, it still could be a feasible business model.
Many bloggers actually do so keep their content fresh and earn income at the same time.

Using OIO software to monetize your website – recommended

OIO publisher is an ad server software that let you manage the ad space on all your websites at the same time. With OIOpublisher, you can sell banners, intext ads, text links, paid reviews, or you can even sell your custom products or services.

The cost is a flat fee of one purchase of $47. That’s it. Once installed on all your website, you can keep all your ad revenue and never share it with anyone else again. This is what I like the most. With the growth of your traffic volumes on all your websites, your ads placement revenue can grow with a momentum, I would love to pay a one time fee ONLY and never be asked to cut any paychecks again.

It is easy to install and easy to use, even if you are not a tech-savvy. Also, you have the full control on your ads placements, such as how to charge, in what forms, how many ads to place in a slot, etc.

Another great feature for OIO publisher is its marketplace for publishers and advertisers. Advertisers can check on your websites and place an ads purchase directly from your sites.

I just found out another great WP plugin for ads banner management, check out the details below:
Wordpress ads banner management plugin

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Sell all forms of ads on your websites

Your websites need to be approved first. Register your websites with is easy and free. Once your sites are approved, you can make money blogging from sponsored blog posts, or display banner ads or text ads on your sites.  You can choose to use dofollow links or nofollow links inside the ads. You can also decide your ads to be Pay Per Click or Pay Per Action.


Sell Ad Zones

Another site that helps to connect publishers with advertisers is, You can choose different ads size to sell on any space on your site. You decide the price for each ads and the rate for CPM. Once you place ads code onto your site, this software will automatically calculate ads impressions. Advertisers can check up your data to decide if your site is a good candidate for advertising. Once your ads is sold, you get paid 70% of your ads revenue.

Sell More Ad Zones

You can also sell ads spaces with You can decide the place, the size, the duration and the price of each ad zone. It is also free to register your websites with this ad server, but once your ads space is purchased by an advertiser, they will take 20% cut from your ads revenue.

This is the first article of a new series of monetizing your blogs or websites with ads placements. Register your email to get the all the updates directly into your inbox.
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