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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Seven Factors to Consider in 2013

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SEO | How to make Google love you?


Google has already shaken SEO companies after thirteen Panda updates, Exact match Domain Algorithm and the Knowledge graph, . It’s hard to predict which Google update may transpire in the following years. But if 2012 was a prelude to events yet to occur, here is the top seven SEO tips and tricks you should watch out for years to come.

Social Signals

Social signals hold a significant place in the topmost five ranking factors. These include Facebook Likes, Facebook Shares, Facebook Comments and Facebook Totals. After Facebook, twitter becomes the deciding parameter. Now YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram all play vital roles in social media marketing success. While in the past, this correlation between search marketing and social networking was a little vague, recent revelations show the need for a powerful social media strategy for online business success.


Author Rank

Author Rank seems to gain paramount significance in SEO. This will encourage in considering credibility and authority as vital SERP (search engine results page) ranking parameters. Therefore, with authoritative and quality content sites on top, the user’s overall search engine browsing experience will improve. The primary and best way to enhance your Author Rank is to assimilate the content you generate to your Google+ profile. In such a scenario, influencing factors will be your engagement on Google+, how frequent fresh content is shared, the number of comments and +1’s you receive per post, the quality of comments your post receive and many others in the similar context.

Organic Links

Organic Links are more likely to gain momentum in 2013 than the usual unnatural links. Google has sanctioned web administrators to discard all sorts of unnatural links from the backlink profile. This has to be done by a disavow link capability that can be easily found in the Google Webmaster Tools. The only way to sail through this issue is to maintain a diverse and natural backlink profile.

Mobile Search Usage

The usage of Mobile for search have been exponentially growing since the advent of Smartphones. And with several tablet ownerships in line, this is sure to grow. Under no circumstances, usage of mobile internet can be expected to drive down. But with such a rampant inflow of mobile internet users in the cyber world, mobile certainly appears to affect a website’s total SERP performance in the coming years.

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Local Search

With the burgeoning use of mobile internet, local searches are likely to gain more impetus. Though this will be especially applicable to small businesses or companies with township or local operations, however, the bigger enterprises too shall endeavor to attain higher rankings under local searches.

Link Earning Overshadow Link Building

During the previous year, Google was completely unforgiving of empty, lazy and unscrupulous link building approaches. There was no clemency for websites that engaged in Black Hat SEO techniques of link building and every such site was penalized for the same. As a corollary of this, in 2013 you would have to earn links instead of building them. This may be achieved by establishing strong content tactics and editorial presence that will in turn perk up the user experience. Legitimate guest blogging and possessing a wide influenced clout for future links are some other means of Link Earning.

Multi-Channel Content

No matter how alarming or challenging search engine ranking factors may be, Content will always remain the king in the SEO market. Instead of restricting your content to the text format, you should make efforts to develop content which can be seamlessly transformed from one format to another. For instance, conversion of an article into an infographic, Conversion of an infographic into an audio content or Podcast and further transformation of this podcast into the video presentation. Diversity and creativity are the chief keys for successful content.


Neil Pattrick has been working in a renowned SEO Company for eight years. He also writes guest posts for various online websites concerning tips and suggestions for an improved SEO strategy. His other interests include reading and biking.

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