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Five Undeniable Reasons to Adopt Google Authorship

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google authorshipBloggers are usually very passionate about their work. More often than not they spend hours without end in order to create the most interesting and informative articles for their readership. But blogging is not just about content creation; it also involves marketing strategies, constant research and self-discipline. What author wouldn’t like having his personalized authorship markup appear next to his name in Google’s SERPs? The numerous algorithm changes that occurred over the years have forced bloggers and webmasters to become very creative, and considering that Google is no longer interested in written content (although they will not admit it), we have to find other ways of branding what we write in order to become known as experts.

As I have already mentioned, the SEO landscape has significantly changed over the years, and it seems that social media platforms and signals have become determining factors in every campaign. Google plus in particular is one of the most successful business minded social networks at present. It is also the number two network in terms of active users. But why is the Google Authorship markup so important? Let’s take a look at five undeniable reasons why you should be using it in 2013.


1.     AuthorRank Gives Priority to Primary Sources

This means that you can protect your content from being stolen. If you are the sole creator and owner of a press-release, document, opinion based article or research, you will be able to claim authority over it with the help of Google Authorship. In other words, even if somebody republishes the article, or tries to steal it, you will be protected.

2.     Google Authorship Increases Authority of other Media Formats

You probably already know that there are alternative types of content that you can use, and you probably also know how difficult it is to optimize them for SEO. Luckily for you, the authorship markup will tag posts with little to no text, but a lot of images, videos or other types of media formats, as if they were written ones. This will enable you to focus on other methods of attracting traffic, while also maintaining your position on the search engine.

3.     Google Authorship Builds Online Credibility

To be honest, at this very moment it is very difficult to say if the Google Authorship markup is all it’s cracked up to be. Specialists from Distilled analized their traffic for different links, with and without the markup and they have sensed no notable difference. Nevertheless, if you chose not to do anything, you might miss on a great opportunity, while also giving competitors a head start. According to Google, the markup will increase your online authority based on the type of content that you post, and the number of articles that you claim authorship for.

4.     Google+ is the Future of Social Media

Google has worked very hard in order to promote their adolescent social media platform, and the results are clear. Most business-minded people have already started to work on their Google+ profiles. Furthermore, Google search is placing Google+ at the heart of most sites, so it seems only natural for webmasters and bloggers to increase their outreach on it. If one network is capable of bringing all these things together in one tool, why not take advantage of it?

5.     AuthorRank Can Help Third-Party Publishers

A recently published article talked about the way that Google Authorship will affect SEO companies and small companies trying to make a name for themselves. While it is true that it will become a lot difficult for writers employed by agencies to post their content, there is still a loop-whole to consider. In the future, it will be very possible for agencies or entrepreneurs to contact established authors in order to post content. In addition to this, they can also ask authors to publish content on their page using the authorship markup, and this will increase the overall credibility of a page.

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