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Increasing Traffic Using Google Adwords

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google adwords for trafficEvery online business is aimed at increasing traffic on its site with a view to achieving higher conversion rate, which can then translate to more sales and increased profit margins. However, with so much competition around, it is not an easy task to get noticed online. This often prompts many website owners to approach a PPC company for generating more traffic.

What such a PPC company does is to make use of paid advertising such as Google AdWords.   Google AdWords is basically an advertising program that enables you to place ads for specific keywords over web. If those keywords are searched out by anyone over Google, your ad comes up over the right side of the SERP (search engine result page) or above search results depending on the CTR chosen by you. The position of your ad is dependent on the quality score acquired by you for your ads.

If you are ready to invest some cash in order to develop your online business, doing so in Google AdWords can be a feasible idea. This is because it is capable of generating considerable traffic for your site, thereby increasing the possibility of conversion.   Your business is placed over the web by the AdWords program, enabling it to be seen and clicked by a lot more people at the time of browsing.

AdWords is the best PPC for increasing traffic

First, you need to open a Google AdWords account in order to leverage its benefits. Next, the concerned amount of your chosen or targeted keywords has to be paid to Google.

Majority of people opt for PPC program because it is more practical and profitable. In the AdWords program, you are required to pay not on the basis of the number of advertisements displayed, but in terms of the number of clicks made by all different Google visitors. This is what is popularly known as PPC or pay per click.

You should always use precise keyword phrases for AdWords in order to get maximum quality traffic for your site. Precise keyword phrases are also known as long tail keywords.

What is more, AdWords also comes with a number of free as well as paid tools which can help you in working with Google’s advertising program better. With the help of these tools, you can work with result oriented and relevant keywords for your marketing strategy. The more relevant and competent your choice of keywords is, the higher traffic you can expect to get via AdWords program.

The SEO Factor

A more detailed look at the strategies used by you for an effective AdWords campaign will tell you that it makes use of some particular type of keywords suitable for your chosen area for attracting web users towards your site. Though several other SEO strategies may follow the same process, they are much more time-consuming. However, that is not the case with Google AdWords program. Traffic can be generated for your site much more quickly using AdWords, thereby complementing your SEO efforts in a shorter span of time.

If you are already using the services of a SEO company, you can ask them whether they provide PPC services too. Now-a-days, most SEO companies offer individual PPC services and you do not need to approach a separate PPC company to utilize the benefits of AdWords.

The All-Important CTR

In spite of achieving better rankings for your number of chosen keywords and generating good traffic, you may not be successful in monetizing your traffic. The reason could be a low CTR or click-through rate. You can boost your click-through rate value by making a better use of AdWords program. If you want to meet better CTR, playing with varied combinations of descriptions and titles so that you can try out and check which one works the best for your AdWords campaign.


Thus, you can see that Google’s AdWords program can help you in more ways than one. It could be called the quickest and most effective method of generating traffic and therefore, should be an intrinsic part of any website optimization plan. Since Google AdWords program can bring  in constant and quality traffic to your site, you can continue to reap its benefits and drive ROI for a considerable period of time.

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Sarmista Aun is a versatile writer and loves to write contents on digital marketing, social media marketing etc. She is also a professional blogger and currently working in a renowned PPC company.

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