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How to Outrank Your Competitors - Keyword Tool

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Keyword Tool to Access The Biggest And Most Powerful Keyword Database
Many business aren’t even aware that it is possible to spy on the competitors, not just this, you can also spy on products, affiliates and adverts, etc… with a powerful keyword tool called KeywordSpy. This smart keyword tool can help you outrank your competitors. This is how….

KeywordSpy is a keyword tool that allows you to perform advanced keyword research and keyword tracking, so that you can get a complete in-depth analysis of your competitors including ranking stats, advertising budgets, affiliates states, landing pages, ad copies and the ROI of their marketing efforts….

Why is this keyword tool for spying on the competitors necessary?

Think about this…Those keywords the top advertisers use for a long time must be profitable keywords, because no one will keep on buying the keywords that will make them lose money. If you can collect all your competitors’ keywords that they repeatedly used for the last few months, you’ve found the golden eggs in your industry.

It may have taken years of marketing research for your rivals to narrow down to the right group of keywords for a top ranking position. By spying on them, you can profit from their efforts and propel your own business to a new level.

Spy on the top advertisers

You don’t need a lot of traffic to your website, but you always need the right traffic that leads to conversion. With the keyword tool like Keywordspy, you can have a profound analysis about any converting keywords and optimize your own website or ads copies accordingly to attract more quality traffic.

After enter the top advertisers URLs, you can see their average daily ad budget amounts. You can also see all their ads copies and their ROIs, keywords they use, and their ads positions for each keyword as well.

If you find an ad and keyword with a high ROI value, you can click the KW icon next to the profitable ad to dig out more great keywords that are making money for the same advertiser.

KeywordSpy will show you a pop up window with a list of keywords from this advertiser, their ROI values and search volume as well. You can do this kind of research over and over again to harvest the best converting keywords from the top advertisers in the same niche market.

How to draft a good advertisement?

If your ads copies don’t convert well, KeywordSpy can help you improve them.

KeywordSpy shows you the adverts that top competitors are using. You can also see each advert cost and how much traffic the adverts are driven.

By digesting your competitors adverts and their performance, you can adjust your own ad copies to benefit from good ingredients that others have incorporated into their adverts.

What keywords are working for you?

Not just for spying others, this keyword tool can also help you understand what organic keywords you are ranking for and their ranking positions. It’s great if you have keywords that rank among top 10 in the SERP. Now it’s time to focus on working with those keywords that rank between 11 to 20. By boosting these keywords rankings to one digit, you can dramatically increase your traffic and improve your conversions. This knowledge about your keywords ranking can help you decide which keywords to target for your next SEO effort.

Do you also want to know what keywords actually convert, and bring more customers for you, and, what keywords only bring in useless traffic?

With a little bit of digging work using KeywordSpy, you can have a full picture on this.

First you start with your top competitors (same product type, sales funnel, etc.) and look at their highest ROI ads, ranking position, landing pages and find out what keywords they use.

Then, do some more research on those keywords to see if other closely related competitors also have a high ROI value for the same keywords terms. As the ROI value is directly tied to profits, so if the answer is yes, you should know these keywords convert better in the niche. Bingo!

Using the “Top Lists” area of keywordspy, you can find the top 1000 keywords with the highest cost per click, or highest cost per day. To find the top keywords for your industry, you can add advanced filtering options for your research.

This keyword tool also shows misspelled keywords that you can benefit from for bettering your ppc campaigns as well as organic traffic.

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What affiliate products to promote?

If you are in the affiliate marketing, you must want to know what are the most promoted affiliate products on the internet? Or may be how many different keywords combinations are being used to advertise a specific affiliate product?

KeywordSpy tracks over 300 different affiliate networks every day. Its affiliate reports can show you which affiliate products are promoted the most, who are those super affiliates, what keywords are they using for driving organic traffic and PPC traffic, and which of their landing pages are performing best.

So after all those smart super affiliates do the hard research and test to find the most lucrative products and their converting keywords, you are ready to use all their results in your own PPC ad campaigns and drafting attractive landing pages.

keyword tool_keywordspy_2

Is your region covered by Keywordspy?

Mostly likely your region will be covered by KeywordSpy than any other major keyword tools such as SEMRush, or Spyfu.. This is another unique feature for KeywordSpy. It has a wide breadth of regional databases…If your country’s data is omitted by SEMRush, you can use the help from KeywordSpy to fulfill your keyword research and tracking.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts of using this keyword tool, or any other tools in the comment section.

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