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Inspiring Niche Markets for eCommerce Beginners

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short urls - make money doing absolutely nothingFinding a profitable niche market is the crucial step to building successful eCommerce, it is especially true for an eCommerce Beginner. Should you try to appeal to everyone or to a small audience in a niche market? The answer is always the latter.

A small niche market is usually associated with targeted long tail keywords, which make it much easier for your eCommerce site to rank high for those specific keywords in SERP; also, long tail keywords are more targeted for actions and often lead to higher conversion rates.

How do I find a profitable niche market?

This shouldn’t be an easy process, despite some claims that you can find a niche market within 30 minutes or less.
The question here is: “Will it be profitable and successful in the long run?”
Imagine you’ve designed a beautiful website around a niche market, only to later discover that you are not making money due to lack of demand, severe competition, or wrongfully targeted consumer groups. This could be due to incorrect long tail keywords and insufficient niche market research.

Some successful eCommerce owners revealed that they spent several months doing niche market research before they finally narrowed it down to a few very small specific niches that have profit potentials; they then chose the best opportunity after performing some further comparisons such as products’ physical weights and sizes, accessibility of wholesale suppliers, long tail keyword competitions, and ppc cost analysis.

The internet offers great tools for conducting niche market research; the most popular ones include Amazon Best Seller’s List, and The Chinese Wholesale alibaba or aliexpress

To get some inspiration, check out some examples of niche market ideas below:

designer handbag wholesalers directory

Niche Market #1: Plus Size Shoes

People with big feet understand how difficult it is to find a decent variety of shoes. Most brick-and-mortar retailers only carry a few styles of shoes in larger sizes such as women’s 11 and over or men’s 14 and over. With fast-paced eCommerce development, more and more consumers with plus-size feet will unavoidably look for shoes online. eBay has proven that this niche market has a very high conversion rate: women’s size 11 sells at a rate of 62%, while men’s size 14 has a even higher rate of 75%.


Niche Market #2: Heart Rate Monitors

Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker

Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker

Heart rate monitors are mostly used by people during workouts. Those with heart diseases should use one to prevent their heart rates from entering dangerously high levels. Heart rate monitors are also popular among professional athletes who aim to optimize their aerobic fitness.

Why is this a good niche market for eCommerce beginners?

Research on eBay’s completed listings of all heart rate monitors will show that, within the last 3 weeks, 75% of the auctioned and listed products have been sold. Research on related long tail keywords also proves that this niche market has good demand. The physical products are small, light and easy to handle for shipping – both great features for eCommerce products. There are several suppliers available with many different brands and styles. This is considered an advantage as a good selection of similar products can help fill up your eStore. I did a little research on, a suppliers directory site with over 8,000 dropshippers, manufacturers, and liquidators. It currently has 6 suppliers for eStore owners to shop for heart rate monitors.


Niche Market #3: Diecast Model Cars

Diecast model cars have been on the top of many people’s wishing list. While many types of toys being collectibles, diecast model cars have raced to the front of toys collectible pack. People collect diecast cars for many different reasons, one of them is the great possibility of higher profits and return on the investment should they choose to trade or sell the items on the open market.
Here is a great place you can do some initial research about this niche market and see if you like to own a piece of its empire.

Niche Market #4: Maternity Clothing Plus Size

Maternity clothing is an evergreen market as there are always babies being born and maternity needs that must be met. One of its sub-niches is plus sized maternity clothing.

There are a lot of varied suppliers for this niche market. For example, has 24 suppliers for maternity needs, of which 8 have special supplies for plus sized moms.  And there’s a bonus: some suppliers can handle international shipping, which will allow more sales.

niche market

For other niche market research, Click here to type in your own keywords

Niche market #5: Military Paraphernalia

Many people like to dig deep to find great collectibles. If you are one of them, this could be the niche market for you. ‘Collectibles’ as a whole is still too big of a market, so to further pear it down you can choose military-related items, which are already hot on eBay, or venture even deeper to “Russian war medals” or ” World War 2 helmets”.


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Niche market #6: Antique Clocks/ Watches

Swanky timepieces appeal to both antique collectors and savvy home decorators.

niche market

How I found and sold $2 million of ‘junk’ on eBay and Amazon, And you can, too.
Buy Now at Amazaon

Search on Craigslist and at local flea markets for these items, many of  which are quite cheap to acquire. eBay has a very high success rate with these items. Wrap up your antique clocks and watches and sell them on eBay for a great profit.

Get More Niche Market Ideas from Wholesale Websites:

Take your time to browse through all the catalogs of some well-known wholesale websites, make comparisons to find profitable niche products you can purchase in bulk. Here I list some of them for your reference.

  • As a premier wholesale distributor, DollarDays offers over 300,000 high quality goods at below wholesale and bulk prices. It is the secret weapon of small businesses and entrepreneurs to compete against the buying power of larger enterprises. The minimum order of its wholesale products is only a case, giving small businesses the great opportunity to quickly turn merchandise.

AliExpress by to find niche market

  • AliExpress is an online marketplace created by On AliExpress, buyers from more than 200 countries and regions order items either in bulk or one at a time — all at low wholesale prices. It offers more than 9.5 million products supplied by more than 10,000 Chinese exporters and manufacturers.

niche market from Chinese wholesale market

  • is a leading business to business and business to customer e-commerce marketplace. It provides an online trade platform to connect Chinese manufacturers with global buyers. Customers can order directly from reliable Chinese wholesalers and get worldwide delivery plus free escrow service.

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