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How Much Can You Earn from Selling on Ebay?

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selling on ebayHow much can you earn from selling on ebay?  Can you make a full-time income by solely selling on ebay? The answer is a sound YES. There are already thousands of ebay power sellers who have made their full-time income online solely through ebay platform.

So how do they achieve this?

Make a Full Time Income Selling on eBay

There is a very simple procedure to follow to achieve this goal.

Firstly, find a product that sells well, which means it sells with a decent volume and above 60% sell through rate.

Now you can look for the manufacturers of the product and bulk-buy the items with a much cheaper price. alibaba is a great place to start looking for cheap and quality manufacturers for your product. Try to avoid branded items, this is why.


Spend time to craft a great listing, I personally prefer to use GTC (good till cancelled) format. The majority of your effort should be to build up your initial sales and just keep on selling.

You can get there if you keep on selling the popular products on ebay. Many great ebay sellers have done the exact course for years and gained their ebay status. One important thing to remember is to sell with a good price and a great service.

This is a very simple concept that really works to make good money selling on ebay. The good part of this business model is that you don’t really need to do any marketing other than a well-crafted listing. One drawback though is that you need some initial capital to purchase the stock with very low price.

Practice Makes Perfection!

You will make mistakes at the beginning, but don’t be afraid to make practice selling on ebay. It takes time to get familiar with listing procedures and take a lot of efforts to know all the bells and whistles selling on ebay. One way to save a lot of mistakes is to learn from other successful power ebay sellers. With a few bucks, you can get these helpful ebooks such as “7 Steps to Starting a Successful eBay Business” and “101 Items To Sell On Ebay“. 

Also, List fast and keep on listing. This is the key to your ebay business success. You can use ebay Turbo lister service to improve your listing efficiency.

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How much should you stock?

Budget your expenses. If you have to borrow money to purchase your initial stock, how much is the monthly payment to your debt? How much do you need to sell to cover this payment? Do you need to pay for storage? etc. Running an ebay business is like any other business, you should always try to keep expenses low. Although buying bulk may seem to be very profitable with a much lower price, but if managing your stock comes with a high expense, you should recalculate the math.

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Take full advantage of an ebay store

Unlike auctions, an ebay store makes it easy for products to be constantly available to your customers. So it is recommended to setup your own ebay store, and on top of that, now all of your listings can be found in one place. If someone found one of your listings over the internet, either through your social promotion or forum discussion, e.g, he/she can follow the link to come and visit your ebay store for all of your other sales on ebay.

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Don’t limit your income on ebay!

When you know you have a product that sells well on ebay, and you are making nice profit, it is very normal for you to think of selling the product on other platforms to unleash your income potential. It’s all about making more money online, so don’t limit your income potential, try to sell the same product on other ecommerce channels out there!

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