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Supercharge Your Web Presence with Mobile Marketing

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mobile marketingIn today’s competitive business environment, running a business without an online presence has become pretty impossible. Despite the increasing importance of the virtual world, many businesses are still not harnessing the power of one of the most potent marketing tools available out there. The face of the digital marketing world is constantly changing and that too at a rapid pace. The technologies that were considered hot last year certainly won’t be ranked at the top this year.

Keeping the rapid market transformation in mind, both the marketers as well as business owners need to adopt new technologies, better tools and upgraded platforms for keeping up with the ever-rising demand. Amidst a parade of new shiny technologies, mobile marketing gives an impression of being the best for the future market.

It is a well-known fact that the entire world has gone mobile and a large number of people can be seen glued to their mobile screens, almost the entire day.

Businesses will gain myriads of opportunities to leverage the old technologies and target the audience with the help of mobile marketing, starting from this very year. Mobile marketing offers plenty of new and effective opportunities for promoting a business and growing the loyal clientele quickly.

Here are some ways that would prove extremely helpful in getting a good start in the mobile marketing game.

Mobile-friendly Websites

With more and more people adopting to stay connected while on the go, rolling out mobile-friendly websites is the best marketing strategy for businesses. Making websites that do not have any flash content and are compatible with various mobile phones including iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices would be a powerful marketing strategy.

Mobile Coupons

Sending coupons to mobile phones is considered to be ten times more productive in comparison to the traditional paper printer coupons. Providing the website users with such kind of mobile coupons is a more effective technique than marketing the business through other online techniques. These coupons can be used to target a specific audience, which includes local as well as international audience.

Investing in a Mobile App

Businesses can invest a part of their budget in getting a mobile application ready for active mobile users. Such an application can be used to provide vital information and functionality to the users, and would help them stay connected online. These apps can generate direct sales and market the business quite effectively. No matter what kind of business one runs, the apps can cater to all the respective needs and promote the business effectively.

 Text Message Promotion

This is one of the simplest and the easiest mediums for reaching the customers through mobile marketing; it is known for its high visibility rates. Businesses can spread a word and promote their brand by sending out text messages to their customers. These messages can provide vital information about sales, promotions and new products to the loyal as well as new users. The message marketing plan can also be targeted at a particular chunk of audience for enjoying a higher conversion rate.

According to a recent survey, more that 40 % of the digital marketers have declared 2013 as the year of mobile gadgets. They believe that mobile marketing will continue to provide a whole host of new improvement opportunities in the years to come. It is, therefore, wise to choose an ideal method from the aforesaid options and reap the promotional benefits of mobile marketing.


This is a guest post by Jon Darch. Jon is no stranger to online and mobile marketing. He runs the highly successful technology giveaway platform, Xpango. If you’re in the market for a free iPhone, iPad or any other super desirable technology, you should check it out.

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