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Mobile marketing vs. Email Marketing: A Full Comparison

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email marketingComparing human mediums of communication are clearly quite difficult. Even antiquated forms of travel are suitable in some situations. For example, Morse code is still used in extremely hazardous emergency situations and in areas of high radiation. Even radio waves are still used by the army when microwave communication is being blocked.

So, comparing SMS marketing (cellphone’s Short Message Service) and email marketing is going to be difficult. Both are means of communication that are still in high use nowadays. Even if a person were to decipher which one is used more, it would still not give a clear definition as to which is more useful, or which has the highest impact in a marketing arena. One must also take innumerable other factors into account, such as cost effectiveness, consumer disposition, marketing message construction, etc.

This article covers a few current trends in order to compare SMS marketing and email marketing. The trends do not indicate which form of marketing communication is better, but it does give clues as to which one you may wish to choose.

Spam on an SMS text is less cost effective

SMS texts do cost more money. Even with massive discount plans, the marketing company is still going to have to pay more money. This is a current trend, and until SMS messaging is done in a more economical way, it is safe to assume that this trend is going to continue.

People use SMS more frequently

SMS messages are very common (still) as they are part of mobile phone use. Most people have at least one mobile phone, and there are more mobile phones in America than there are people and cars combined. So, the fact that more people use SMS may influence a marketing message’s effectiveness.

Everybody has a mobile phone

This is mostly true. Almost everybody in America has a mobile phone of some sort, either a regular cell phone or a Smartphone. The fact that they are usually with the potential customer may also be a factor that affects its marketing suitability.

Everybody has a an email address

In this day and age, it seems that almost everybody has an email address. However, a lot of people do not check their emails every day. Furthermore, a lot of people leave their emails for days before reading. This is a big difference between mobile marketing and email marketing.

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Smartphones and 3G have bumped up email usage again

The fact that more people seem to use SMS frequently is now being challenged by 3G and Smartphones. The fact is that more people are starting to use emailing again because their Smartphones allow them to.

More people open SMS messages because they do it as a natural reaction

The truth is that more people open SPAM SMS texts than they do SPAM emails. This is for two reasons. The first is because opening SMS messages is more of a reflex for some people, rather than a thought out procedure. Secondly, there is less (if any) chance of an SMS message containing a virus, whereas an email may contain a virus. This is why a lot more people feel comfortable opening an SMS message over an email.

More emails are sent per month than SMS texts

This is true, but it may be due to the fact that businesses send out billions of emails every month, whereas SMS text messaging is only used infrequently by the general public. This does not mean that a massive number of SMS texts are not sent every day.

A few statistics may help you

Around 45% of all emails sent are spam, whereas around 5% of SMS message are spam. This is because emails are free where as SMS messages cost money.

Around 34% of mobile users will use their phone to send an email. Over 72% of phone owners admit to using their SMS service on their mobile phone.

Over 98% of SMS messages are opened. Only 40% of emails are opened, however, the bulk of the messages that lie unopened are often located in the junk mail folder.

Most people receive more emails per month than SMS texts. However, in both cases it tends to depend upon how many messages (email or SMS) the recipient actually sends out in the first place.



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  • This is an interesting comparison. Email Marketing is effective most of the time for me. I use constant contact as my DIY email marketing agent, it is not hard. Good thing is you can sign up without credit card info and try it for free for 60 days. I used other email marketing programs too, constant contact allows me to try it first, see the results myself.

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