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How To Write Meta Tags?

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google meta tag seo tips

What is Meta Tags?

Meta Tags are most discussed as Meta Description Tags. There are other meta tags such as Keywords, Author, Robots, Copyright and Geo-tag, etc.

Why meta tags are important for SEO?

The Meta Description Tag is the brief summary of what your website/web page is about. It deserves special attention because search engines usually choose this part of wordings for describing your website/page when it shows up in the search results. Your inviting description of what readers can get from you articles can encourage people to click on your links to go to your website.

Isn’t this the only purpose of having a website?


The html code for meta tags looks like this:

<meta name=”description” content=”describe your website here.” />

There is no closing tag for meta tags.  Meta tags always appears as a combination of name and value, the value part is the content. 

How to write meta tags?

Meta Description Tag should include a few sentences describing your website. As one of the very important SEO tricks, the primary keyword should be included in the meta tag near the front. If possible, also include the secondary keyword.

According to the total length of a Meta Tag should be ideally 25 to 30 words long.  This helps search engine to pull your listing neatly out to the rightful targeted audience.

Remember: the description wordings must make sense and appear natural. If adding the secondary keyword will make your description sounds wired, then don’t do it. A good meta tag is for human to read other than just for search robots to crawl.

Meta tags alone can’t make magic for your website. Don’t ignore the importance of an optimized Title Tag  as well as informative rich content, search engines will reward all these SEO efforts and boost your website/page ranking for your specified keywords.

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More Meta Tags…

Meta Keywords Tag is another common Meta Tag.   Html code is like this:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword, keyword, keyword, keyword, keyword, keyword,keyword”>

In order to avoid “keyword stuffing” penalty by Google, choose carefully less than 10 keywords that most describe your website/page.   This Meta Tag is not as important as Meta Description Tag.
If your online business is more focused on specific geographic location, a Geo-Meta Tag might help. Google don’t pay any attention to Geo-Meta Tag, but Bing need this tag to determine which geographic location a website is for.


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