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How to Make Use of Video Marketing to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

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101 video marketingThere are many ways to carry out marketing campaigns on the Internet.

  • There’s the typical practice of paying for advertisements to be shown on search engines or popular websites frequented by the target audience.
  • There’s social media marketing, which is basically taking advantage of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote a product, website, or business.
  • There’s what we call affiliate marketing, another paid marketing strategy that encourages partner sites to promote your products in exchange of sales commissions (PPC).

Then there’s also Video Marketing.

Video marketing is one of the most advantageous marketing strategies that can be done today. Here are some of the reasons why:

  •  Internet users are highly attracted to videos because they are compact yet they can contain so much valuable information.
  •  They are very easy to publish on a page or share on social media.
  •  There’s YouTube, a video sharing site that’s supported by most social media platforms and blogging/web hosting services.
  •  They can be produced with little to no cost at all.

All these qualities make video marketing easier in a lot of ways. With social media being such a huge deal right now, it’s not surprising that many Internet marketers are combining video marketing with their social media-related efforts.

Let’s check out some dominant techniques internet marketers use to elevate their video marketing:

video marketing

1.  They insert calls-to-action and live links on the videos.

At least they do when they upload videos using the YouTube platform. YouTube allows users to insert short messages and even live links right on the video. Users can choose to make the messages and links appear throughout the video or have them pop-up on certain parts or scenes. If timed perfectly, this can push people to do exactly as they are told and go through the conversion funnel.

For example, popular YouTube personalities usually invite people to subscribe to their social media accounts at the end of each video. Some would simply say it in the recorded video while others use pop-up speech bubbles and links instead. It depends on what works better for each published video.

2. They use videos to inspire strong emotions from the public.

Nothing is more effective at getting people to engage actively in social media than provoking a strong emotional response from them. This emotion can be a happy, positive one or a strong, negative one. For example, cute videos of kittens and puppies usually get a ton of responses from the public. Videos about bullying or illegal activities that harm the environment similarly get a lot of feedback from the viewers.

If the goal is simply to get people buzzing on your wall, then you can post thought-provoking videos that inspire both positive and negative emotions. However, be mindful that there are also many people who are easily offended. Write a brief warning on negative themes, and make it clear that you are against the detrimental aspects shown in your video. The point of provoking such strong responses is to instigate knee-jerk responses like getting them to donate to your cause, spread the video, etc.

The best thought- and emotion-provoking themes to use though are those that inspire people to feel sympathy or happiness. These put people in a good mood and shed a positive light on your name.

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3. They do old-school video advertising.

Since they are already dealing with videos, why not make old-school advertisements that are made for television? Who knows, they might end up there sometime. Plus, even if they don’t actually make it on television, it’s always better to have one handy at all times. Internet marketers use these videos during local events where the business or organization they represent is a sponsor or a participant.

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4. They shift to videos when they need to diversify content for their webpages.

Whenever websites need to spice up their content, they add images, hold podcasts, or produce videos that look great. These media content can then be shared or published in other websites (meaning social sharing buttons and embed codes have to be there on page too). Videos are also a very good way to answer frequently asked questions and address major issues. Recording personal messages will reduce the risk of being misinterpreted on text.

How does this boost social media engagement? Well, if the visitors are satisfied by the new content they find on the website, they will be inclined to inform their colleagues about it. Sharing a video instead of the usual webpage is sometimes encouragement enough for people to share it on social media.

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What we learnt from video marketing professionals?

Using video marketing to encourage social media engagement is basically all about eliciting reactions from the viewers, hopefully strong enough for them to respond to your posts, share them, and more importantly, go through the conversion funnel you’ve set up.


Mary McLean is a blogger for Philippine-based outsourcing provider SquareFish Inc. She has been working actively with the company to develop its content and Internet marketing strategies. Mary blogs about SEO, content creation, social media, and some of the latest IT-related topics. You can find her on Google+.

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