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Make Money Writing on Squidoo

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make money writing

If you are looking for ways to make money at home and you are good at writing, then this article is for you.

Squidoo is a unique website where you can write articles about any topics under the sun, and make money writing online. You get to write about the things you love, you recommend, your critize, then add pictures, videos and links to your web page to make it more appealing and interesting.

Whether you have an imaginative story, an opinion piece or any other subject that you are knowledgeable about, if you would like to share it with the world, you can do that very easily on Squidoo.
And that’s only the beginning.

As a Squidoo “lensmaster”(writer) you can actually write articles for money, because Squidoo, like “Hubpages“, offers all freelance writers a revenue sharing platform.

Sharing revenue is not the only writing for money opportunity you can have with Squidoo. There are more, so read on…

Internet writers, avid bloggers and online publishers have all realized how valuable and profitable a tool Squidoo can be. Your ability to pump out fabulous and novel content can be channeled into making money for you.

While the key to making money writing with Squidoo lies in your ability as a writer of great content, there are a number of ways to guide that creativity into becoming a profitable venture.

Here below are more ways you can make money writing with Squidoo:

Sharing Ad Revenues

Squidoo makes money by displaying Google Ads on its website. For every page (or lens, as it is called on Squidoo) you create, Squidoo shares with you a portion of the money it earns through running ads on that page.

When you reach your minimum payout Squidoo transfers the revenue that you’re entitled to into your Paypal account. You have the freedom to set your minimum payout level to as little as $1.00.

The key here is to write in a way that gets your lens a lot of visitors who may then go on to click on the advertisements featured there and make a purchase.

 Affiliate Marketing

Squidoo has affiliate relationships with a number of partners all over the web,  for instance,  Google, CafePress, eBay, and Amazon among others.

When you create a lens (write your article) you can handpick from Squidoo’s list of affiliate tools and select which ones to add to your lens. You can then sit back and earn a commission from the money that Squidoo will make from visitors to your articles.

You may think:

Why don’t I create my own website and start making money writing articles all for myself?

Well, if you are ready to start your own blog, a niche website, or an ecommerce site, which can make more money for you in the long run, you may still find Squidoo beneficial if you keep on reading.

 Drive Traffic to Your Own Website

When creating a lens on Squidoo, you will notice an option in the lens editor that allows you to insert an RSS feed to your personal website on your Squidoo lens.

Visitors to your lens who find your content interesting could be driven to your website through the RSS feed and you would have generated lots of new and organic traffic for your blog. This fresh traffic to your blog could go on to generate tons of revenue for you through the affiliate marketing or display ads you have going on in your blog.
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Two Practical Tips for Making Money Writing On Squidoo:

To make optimum use of Squidoo, remember to interact with other lensmasters and take an active part in the Squidoo community. The more involved you will be on this platform, the more social networking you will be able to do. You can therefore end up becoming popular yourself. A popular writer always has more visitors to his/her articles.

Even though Squidoo suggests you how to use keywords to gain more organic traffic from Google and other search engines, if you wish to make more money from your writing on Squidoo, the best practice is to build up quality backlinks for each of your articles. The more backlinks you have, the more traffic you can expect to your writings.

But most importantly, “content is king“, create striking content that will make visitors want to keep coming back to your writings.

If you are a newbie on Squidoo, I highly recommend a kindle book to read. It explicitly explains all the features, modules, tricks and tips that you should know for making money writing on Squidoo. If you wish to know more insightful secrets, then another kindle book of “Squidoo Profit” may suit you more.



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