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Make Money with your Website as a Chitika Publisher

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make money with your website- an amazon best sellerIf you have a blog or website with decent traffic, you would think of monetizing this traffic. One of the ways to make money with your website is to display ads through ads networks.

Many publishers using Google Adsense for their advertising income. However, it is very risky to only run ads from AdSense, because there are frequent complains about Google Adsense randomly banning accounts without much transparency.

If your Adsense account is already banned,don’t panic! This article will introduce you another great AdSense alternative program.

Even if your Adsense account is in a good state, looking for an AdSense alternative is a necessity for a publisher to ensure a steady ads revenue for a long run.

Who knows?  What have happened to others may happen to you too. So it is smart to not put all eggs in one basket.

For a serious publisher making money online through blogs and websites, you should know the ads network called Chitika.

Once You Know, You Newegg

There are over 300,000 websites that have joined Chitika for making money online, this makes Chitika the second largest ads network of its kind. Chitika offers search targeted, local, and mobile ads for publishers, encouraging audience engagement to boost revenue.

Let’s look into some good things Chitika can offer to any publishers:

Easy to Approve:

Comparing with Google Adsense, Chitika account is easy to get approved, once approved, you can start to put ads code onto your site and drive revenue through ads display immediately.

One good thing about Chitika is that it is Adsense compatible, which means you can run both Adsense ads and Chitika ads on your site. Since both ads networks require you to only run up to 3 ads blocks on one webpage, joining Chitika will surely increase your ads revenue.

How Chitika Ads Display Works:

Unlike Adsense, which drives ads by the content on a webpage, Chitika ads are based on the search query. Therefore, Chitika ads work even better if you’ve got a lot of traffic coming from search engines. For example, if a visitor searched for “Make Money Online” and found your webpage, the Chitika would then display ads on your page based on the keywords phrases.

Low Payment Threshold:

You can choose to use Check or Paypal for payment method. For Paypal, the minimum payment is $10. If you choose to use Check, the minimum payment is $50.

Use Chitika Referral Program for More Revenue:

Any publishers can have two income streams from Chitika, unlike Google Adsense. The second income is from referral program. Every Chitika publisher can use its referral program to make more passive income from others.  For each publisher you refer, you can earn 10% of their first 10 months ads income.

Chitika provides you with referral buttons or banners, like the one I am using on the sidebar.

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There are several ways to increase your referral income from Chitika:

  • Leverage social networks. Post your Chitika referral link to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to access a large network of people. You can use a URL shortener to ensure your link to be short and neat. Use hashtags that website owners like to use when they’re searching for ways to make money online. You never know to whom your message will reach and end up earn you more referral income.
  • Write articles telling people about Chitika ads network. You can write a review about Chitika ads, and include your referral link in all clickable links in the article. The good thing from Chitika is after you’ve referred your audience publishers to the program, they can too refer their own publishers again and get paid.
  • Add referral banners and links into your page content and sidebars to drive more signups! 

Chitika Gold Membership to Earn More.

Chitika’s Gold-level publishers have access to resources such as ads from top-level advertisers, better-targeted ads display, higher paying ads… etc, that can help drive revenue higher and at a faster pace.

To become a Gold publisher of Chitika, you need first to have a high-quality site, which has unique content with well-written posts or product reviews.  Also you need to have a high-quality traffic. Impression volume alone doesn’t mean anything if the traffic isn’t of quality.
get paid to upload videos
So make sure your site is search engine optimized, coupled with networking with other bloggers, posting attractive content for more organic traffic will all help to increase traffic volume and quality at the same time.

Chitika has its own internal audit system to rate your site’s traffic quality. Once your traffic meet the standard, you will become a Gold level publisher automatically. You can then sit back and relax and see your Chitika ads revenue grow.



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