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7 Ways to Make Money Online From Home

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Making money online from home has never been easier with the help of the internet. This article is a bit long because I’ve packed tons of information related to this most used 7 ways of making money online from home. So be patient and read along. Every link leads to some good readings that could help you make more money in some way.

1. Register with websites that pay you

There are many websites that can help you make money online from home. Take Swagbucks as an example. You can make real cash or gift cards from this website in so many ways:

  • paid surveys
  • paid emails
  • shopping to get rewards, coupons and discounts,
  • try out products to get paid
  • play games to earn cash
  • watch videos to earn cash
  • Best of this site is to get paid searching and surfing online, Swagbucks’ search function is powered by Google. This feature will pay you for your time spending online doing any online activities.

There are more paying websites that pay you for your opinions, pay you for reading emails, trying out new products and playing games.

2. Use social medias to make money online from home

Do you spend one hour a day on Facebook, or maybe more? Then don’t just waste your time there, make money on Facebook.

There are many ways you can make real cash on Facebook, because literally millions of users use Facebook daily regularly.

You can set up a blog or a website first, you can sell your own stuff or promote others’ products called affiliate marketing using your website. Facebook could be a good engine to drive traffic to your website and help you make more sales or get more affiliate commissions.

But Facebook offers a lot of other methods to make money online. For example, throught Zazzle, people make their own handcrafts and sell them on Facebook. You can also open a Facebook store. Facebook allows you to set up a store on your Facebook Page to sell products.

I won’t go into details on how to set up a Facebook Page for your business here, you can find plenty of good step-by-step guides by just searching for them on Google.

Once you have your own Facebook Page set up, you can actually set up your Facebook store as one of the tabs on your Page.

Here I highly recommend to register with a very practical course called Make $2000 First Month Using Facebook With $0.01 Ads and learn all the techniques the successful people use to make good fortune on Facebook. This could save you a lot of research time and potential mistakes if you are serious about making money on Facebook.

3. Blogging

Blogging is a popular way to make money online from home. More and more blogs have been put up to promote some ideas or products. The key point is to bring traffic to your blog.

Here are some articles on how to blogging and make money:

  1. How To Get Blog Traffic? | 6 Must Known Tactics

Blogging requires a lot of time and attention. One way to ease this problem is to invite guest blogging. From my personal experience, most of the guest bloggers know what they are doing and follow the rules as a guest. If you are interested in guest blogging for this blog, you can contact me through submission guidelines page.

You can have a free blog set up with Google blogspot or WordPress. You don’t need to register a domain in this case. However, I heard of stories that Google terminate some blogspot accounts without any early notice, and if your blog has been on its right track of making money for you, you may suffer financial loss by registering with a free account.

If you wish to have your own domain, which I suggest you do, you can buy one from and have it hosted with or
make money online from home - blogging

How blogging can make money for you?  There are many ways to earn money through a blog.
Some of the popular methods are:

4. Sell your skills online


Are your good at writing? Then you can write articles to make some extra money online.  Squidoo and Hubpages both offer shared revenue model for online writers. You can write anything you like, as far as you can also make it found by people who needs your advice, opinions and stories.

Do you know web design, or graphic design?
Do you have a lot of twitter followers?
Can you translate?
Are you a handy person?
Check out where you can find online writing jobs and other freelancing jobs.

5. Trading stocks, options and forex

Pass this one if you are afraid of losing money at all. This is not for the faint at heart. Otherwise, if you want to know how other professional traders make massive profit online, you can start by only investing a small amount of money.

In the trading world, no one can give you any guarantee of ROI. A small amount of money can’t afford many shares in a blue-chip company, this is one reason that many newbies started trading penny stocks for experience.  Penny stocks could be very risky and profitable at the same time.

If you are interested in trading online, Optionhouse is one of the cheapest online brokerage with great reputation. You can enjoy the first 100 trade commission free using the link below:
Get up to 100 commission-free trades in your first 30 days at OptionsHouse

Rated by Barron as the number 1 trading platform online, Trade MONSTER has a Zero Commission policy for the first 60 days after you open a trading account. This is the period you can practice trading with a small amount of money to test the water.

Forex market opens 24 hours daily. Forex trading provides a great opportunity for traders to trade at any time of the day or night. If you are interested in this niche, don’t jump into the trading first, read this free ebook of Forex trading guide first.

6. Online Data Entry Jobs

Another practical way to make extra money online is to apply for an online data entry job. Usually anyone can apply for this type of jobs with a bit of training upfront.

  • Online Data Entry Clerk
    jobs including spreadsheets, making business literature, word processing, making fax cover sheets, company newsletters, etc.
  • Global Data Operator
    jobs including typing a few lines of data text and posting them onto the places suggested.
  • Web Research Assistant
    Reviewing some websites and type out a data-research reports.
  • General Audio Transcriber
    Listening to tapes, videos, and other forms of digital recordings and typing what you hear into a text format, basic transcription jobs.
  • Other possible jobs are  Content article typist, Business auditor, Web proofreader, and Virtual assistant.

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7. Create fun videos on YouTube

YouTube opened its Partner Program to public. This makes monetizing on YouTube much easier than before. Now anyone can join the army of successful YouTube marketers to make a living off this platform.

Some people say “content is king” is true for video popularity, I think it’s only partially right. I watch a lot of workout videos while my 3-year-old daughter watches many kids shows. Although the content qualities are very different, many videos have gathered thousands and thousands of views.   It should mostly depends on which audience you are targeting.  But one thing is for sure, the more videos you create, the more chances of making money online.

Remember one thing, patience will pay out in the end. To make money online, start making videos and promote them on YouTube and other social medias.

Have you ever heard of Google Rater? Read this interesting Kindle ebook:

make money online from home -google rater

$0.99 Kindle Best Seller


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