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Make Money On Fiverr - Selling Skills and Talents

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make money o n fiverrAs one of the micro job marketplaces on the internet, Fiverr has connected sellers and buyers by allowing sellers to offer any skills and talents for as low as $5.  Many online business owners have successully outsourced their work to Fiverr. However, this article is for Fiverr sellers. If you are interested in making extra money from Fiverr, read on to get all the tips I learnt myself or from others. It is possible to repeatedly sell your skills and talents and make good income out of it.

Get a Higher Seller Level:

Fiverr sellers have 4 different levels. Initially a seller starts as a level 0. To be promoted to level 1, a seller needs to meet 3 conditions:

  1. Be active on Fiverr for 30 days;
  2. Have delivered at least 10 orders on the gigs to buyers;
  3. Have an excellent ratings and a good track record.

A level 1 seller can benefit from more advanced features, including being able to attach “extra services” after each gig, this alone can help to boost more sales. To become a level 2 seller, 50+ orders need to be completed within a two-months period, an excellent rating and a solid track record are also required.  Then a seller can access more favorable features leading to more sales and income. The last level is the super seller, all candidates of this level are hand-picked by Fiverr stuff. Only a handful of sellers can be elevated to this level.

Make Money On Fiverr Is Very Possible

I still remember when I first joined Fiverr, not expecting anything can really happen fast, I didn’t revisit the site for two days after posting a gig. On the 3rd day, to my surprise, I got an email from Fiverr, asking to deliver my gig to a buyer. A five minutes of registration and posting a gig earned me $4 (Fiverr takes $1 as fee).
This made me believe that to make money on Fiverr is very possible, and gave me a good reason to spend more time on Fiverr to learn how to earn more money from selling gigs.

Below are some sellers’ tips I would love to share with you.

Tags are keywords. Tags can help buyers to find your gigs. My own first order is a good example. Since I haven’t done any promotion or advertising anywhere else, a buyer can only find my gig from the ocean of others using the right keywords (tags). For each gig, you can only add 5 tags. So spend a bit time here to narrow down to 5 good tags that can lead you to the right buyers.
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Offer Bonuses

To make your gigs stand out from crowd, a seller can choose to offer bonuses along with the gigs.  If your skill is well worth a $5, and you are still offering a free bonus to go with the gig, you are making buyers reluctant to refuse your offer.

A seller can also offer free bonuses to repeating buyers, such as “buy 4 get 5” to encourage more sales.

Use Eye Catching Words

Once buyers found your gig, to invite them to read on instead of bouncing away your gig, you can use some eye-catching phrases on the first line of your description section. Some good examples are: Delivered within 24hrs, I only offer this for $5 on Fiverr, 2013 Special, Unbelieable, .. etc.

Fast Delivery

Buyers love to see their orders being delivered faster than you promised. If you claimed a 3 day delivery on you gig, try to deliver it within 1 or 2 day, a fast delivery will bring extra joys to buyers. Being as fast as possible when deliver your gig will help to get positive reviews and a higher rating.

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How to create this image by yourself?

Communicate With Buyers

Communicate with buyers whenever necessary, throughout the transaction. Don’t assume buyers should know or understand what is going on on your side. Keep buyers updated. Buyers would appreciate your effort and know you as a person instead a user name on the internet.

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Ask For Positive Reviews

I noticed many buyers on Fiverr like to mention one thing: “Check out the seller’s ratings to be sure they’ve got satisfied customers.” This is reasonable from a buyer’s perspective, but meanwhile, this turns to be a big barrier for new sellers on Fiverr. Even with a great gig worth a lot more than $5, if you are a new seller without any sales and reviews, many buyers will fear to be the first to buy from you. It is always the hardest when you start a business, Fiverr business is no exception. This is my opinion on this:

Under-Promise + Over-Delivery + Patience + Persistance

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Advertise Your Fiverr URL

A good advice is to always use your Fiverr URL as the ending part of your gig; also mention your Fiverr URL in all of your messages to buyers, all of your communications with other people on Fiverr. This is to use Fiverr to brand your own Fiverr.

Learn From Others

I like to check on some other similar gigs on Fiverr before I start a new gig. You don’t have to be the cheapest seller on Fiverr. It is always helpful to know your competition before you join the league. If you are sure your skill or service are worth much more than others on the market, you can be confident enough to ask for a high price.

There are a lot of platforms on the internet that can help you make money online. Go through many other articles on this blog to learn more tips on making a living through internet. Register your email to get more new posts delivered to your inbox.

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