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4 Easy Tips on Instagram Video Marketing

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While a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, one minute of video is worth about 1.8 million words. Video marketing harnesses that influential power by attracting consumers with engaging content. Companies are able to show behind-the-scenes clips (which helps establish brand personality), show new product benefits and reinforce brand messaging, amongst other things.

Soon after the popular Instagram revealed its “video on Instagram” feature, a number of big brands (Burberry, Intel, Ben & Jerry’s, Victoria’s Secret and the Today Show) have already tapped into this new powerful social media format to reach their customers. Now, how do you use Instagram video for your branding and marketing needs?

Here are a few quick tips on how to best use Instagram Video to bring more customers to your websites and social media outlets:

1. Share short visual stories with your customers and clients

Instagram Video is a great way to tell quick stories about your brand, product or service. You could create a series of DIY videos using your product as a component, broken down to one video per step. Or, if the product requires assembly, do a step-by-step series on how to put it together. For brands, you can show quick behind-the-scenes snippets of company life, which can really allow your brand’s personality to shine. Showcase your culture and style through Instagram Videos, or make teaser clips leading up to a major launch or announcement.

If you provide a service, Instagram Video can be a great visual portfolio. From happy customer testimonials to recent work for other clients, you can create an engaging videos of work samples for future potential customers to pursue.
Instagram insider tips and secrets - Instagram video marketing
Create a series of short videos rather than try to pack it all into one longer video. Consumers are more likely to stay engaged when they are watching short videos, and you will have more brand content to share over time. Try to keep it under 15 seconds.

2. Let the customer create content for you

Turn your customers into Brand Ambassadors, (learn how to make money as a brand ambassador ) and harness the power of social media marketing and word-of-mouth marketing. Reach out to happy customers and ask them to share their experiences with the brand, company, product or service, possibly with an incentive or a promotion. Each Instagram video a customer creates and posts reach their network, which helps your brand’s reach.

3. Connect with other social media outlets

Get the most out of the video content you’ve created by sharing Instagram video to your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Assuming you have an established following in these outlets, you can draw new followers to your Instagram account, while providing fresh content for followers on other social media sites.
Facebook even allows for in-line Instagram video watching. And now that Instagram has revealed the embed feature for videos and photos, sharing is easier than ever.

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4. Be authentic

Remember that the customer base that uses and responds to Instagram and Instagram video is, in fact, very social media-savvy and wise to marketing ploys. If you push out content that’s dry and obviously trying to drive sales (“trying too hard” in the vernacular), your videos will most likely be ignored and gain little-to-no traction.

However, if you play with the medium and have a little bit of fun while staying on brand, you will catch customers’ attention. Play around with Instagram Video until you’ve found what types of content work best for your brand.

Instagram Video is a great opportunity for brands and companies to create compelling, engaging content that can be easily shared across multiple social media platforms. A chance to show personality and brand identity, Instagram Video is a great way to help your company stand out from the competition.

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and online marketing professional from Los Angeles. She writes content for the blog at, writing on everything from social media marketing to web analytics.

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