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Importing from China and Asia - Sell Products Online

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Ecommerce has grown by leaps and bounds, there are lots of successful ‘sell products online’ stories out there. Big or small, eCommerce owners are constantly selling products online and make good profits. If you wish to open your own online store, but haven’t yet decide on what products to sell or haven’t found the right suppliers, this post is a good start for you to get really serious about launching your own online business.

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Sell products online – what to sell?

This could be a relatively easy question if you’ve already have something in mind. To test your idea, you can go to Amazon’s best seller list, it tells you what types of products have great demands and you could consider to sell online too. You don’t have to copy what others are selling, but you can have an idea how much demand your own products could have.
Some people suggest not to sell products that many other vendors are already selling, if the market is too saturated for a product, you better move on to find another one that has less competition.

There are some criteria to consider when you choose products to sell online:
  • Selling price between $7 to $40. This price range products are the easiest to be sold on Amazon. This is only a suggestion. It’s also because high ticket items needs a lot more upfront capital and therefore riskier to sell after a few bad shipments or returns. You have to consider both inventory cost and potential profits.
  • Products have potential to get private labelled. If you don’t understand this part, read private label first.
  • The size is relatively small, the weight is relatively light, so that the logistic cost won’t be a big issue for your future customers.
  • The products should not lose value over time, such as food or electronic products.
  • Ideally, the products shouldn’t be easily found in a brick and mortar store, or should have less quantity or variety.
  • The products are in a narrow and specialized niche, choosing a right niche is one of the very important first steps to take.
  • It’s better that the products have ambiguous price value, for example, informational goods or personalized products are hard to put a price tag on.
  • Although avoiding competition is important, the market demand should still be big enough to make money from selling them. Use keyword search to see if the products are searched frequently enough on the search engines. I recommend a powerful keyword tool – long tail pro to for your keyword research.

Sell products online – find the right suppliers

Product sourcing is the process of searching for factories, finding ideal manufacturers. This is one of the most important step to take. It takes a lot of time to do the homework though. Do you want to use national suppliers, or go to Asia?  Using Alibaba wholesale or dhgate?

Nowadays, most products are made and sourced from Asia. It’s because they offer the most competitive prices. But not anyone can manage to take the advantage of this, The importing from Asia to your home country could be a major hassle to your online business. However, if you do manage to get the hang of the right process, the profit margins are much attractive.

When you scrutinize suppliers, you shouldn’t base on price alone though, there are many other aspects to consider when you choose the right suppliers, such as their responding time, their product quality control management, their specialization (see below), etc.

sell products online using the global sourcing platform of alibaba

Contact with as many suppliers as possible, narrow them down to a few more qualified suppliers, until you get down to the last 3 to 5 suppliers; now you can spend time do more personal in-depth qualification to see which one or two meet all your requirements.

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What is the supplier’s specialty?

If you are looking for polo t-shirts for example, and found a company that is also selling many other stuff like watches and toys, that’s not necessarily a good thing, because this tells you this supplier does not specialize in one criteria. It will be very hard to have reasonable quality control if a factory has multiple products in completely different categories.

Don’t minimize your options only on manufacturers and factories, there are some middle men or trade companies in Asia and China that can offer you great prices too.

Some useful resources – sell products online:

Get Your Feet Wet First!

When you go to Alibaba platform, you will find that many suppliers require a large minimum ordering quantity, which means you need to put down a lot of money in order to get the attractive price per unit. Not many of us can afford the cost when we just started importing from China, so there is a good place to go to instead to test the water and still get pretty good price without minimum order quantity requirements. This is the AliExpress.

Aliexpress is Alibaba’s subbrand. Its product range is huge, including electronics, fashion apparel, home & garden, jewelry, automotive, beauty & health, toys & kids items, sports, etc. Aliexpress is considered a higher quality brand for eCommerce. It is a great starting place to get your feed wet and see how the business of importing from China really works for you.

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