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How to Start an eBay Store

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How to start an eBay store? First of all, you don’t need an ebay store to sell on ebay. Just selling your old household items, or well-kept used clothing can easily get you started with eBay selling. However, if you want to treat eBay selling as a business, you really need to dig into the know-hows of opening an eBay Store successfully.

Find your products and suppliers

To start an eBay Store, firstly you need to find the products you want to sell.  You can sort out 10 to 20 wholesale products initially.  Shopping around to find the best supplier/wholesalers/dropshippers that can provide with you the best product options and variety.  If you know the products that could be very helpful, but it is not a requirement for choosing your products.

Be Competitive

Initial stage is always the hardest for starting an eBay store, because you still don’t have any loyalty, positive customer reviews and valuable experience and knowledge to back you up. Your store needs to have some different features to attract your first customers.

If your products are also marketed by other stores, your price should be lower than others. But you have to make sure with the lower price, you still can make enough profit.  You can increase your price later when you have enough positive customer reviews or have been successfully in the business for a while. You should then have already found your unique features to get your loyal customers instead of using attractive price alone.

However, if after reducing the price, you found out that there is no room left for your margin, you can choose to package your products differently from other stores to meet some customers’ needs. For example, you can sell a dozen instead of one or a pair.  You can bundle your related products in colors or in sizes.  The point here is to figure out some special packages that you find market may be in demand.

Do enough research and it won’t be a waste of time

Since you still don’t have enough experience in your initial stage, you can learn from others.  First check how saturated the market is. If other stores own a lot of the same products in stock, it might be an alert for you. Further check how many have been sold recently. If it is just a mere of 5 or 10, it might be the time for you to back out of this product.  If even worse, this products haven’t been sold by any stores for a while, don’t hesitate, run away from this product.

Doing enough market research before any full commitment to a product is time-consuming but very necessary. This is a great way to learn others’ mistakes and avoid hot competition.

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More dos and don’ts when start an eBay store

  • Only use great pictures for your eBay store.  One Picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Check your spellings. Mistakes will make you look less professional. It is not very rare to see misspellings on eBay, make sure your eBay store is not one of those.
  • Using the right keywords to drive customers to your eBay store.  Using keywords in your title bar and description box.
  • Choose the right category for your products. You can check on your competitors to see what categories they are using and decide which is the best choice for you.
  • Giving out only precise description of your product, make sure to point out any defects to let your customers know before their buying decision. Hopefully you could supply photos to detail the defects.
  • Get positive customer reviews from your customers. Your great reputation will build up a strong foundation for your eBay store.
  • Keep a timely record of all your sales. In case you are contacted for late shipping or lost items, you can show your customers proof of when you ship out the item.
  • Always leave prompt good feedbacks to your customers. 

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