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How to Start A Website Fast For a Newbie?

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how to start a website fastHow to start a website fast? There are three answers to this question. Which answer should you choose? It really depends on your individual situation.

In this internet era, we all understand the importance of creating a great website for running a successful business, it is like to create a front office of your company, the first memorable impression to your customers is crucial for potential success.

However, there are many people who don’t have the required know-hows and tech-savvy. For them the process of starting a good website could turn into an eye-boggling task.

How to start a website fast? Here are the three answers:

  1. DIY ( Do it Yourself): if you are interested in start a blog from scratch, read this article.
  2. Hire Web Designers: A good designer will likely cost you at least $1,500 to start. The final cost will mostly depend on the number of pages to be created and the added tools and functions of your website. You can go to 99designs, elance, fiverr or other crowd-sourcing sites to let people bid for your project.
  3. Use BB2 to build your website. This is a faster route for those who are not tech-savvy and a cheaper way than hiring your own web designers.

There is no problem when you have a slew of knowledge including web design, SEO, traffic building, as well as monetizing website, you can start a website fast without much hassle, and you will likely know how to track the results and how to improve the site accordingly.

But, WHAT IF ou have never built a website before. Not only this, you may have never heard of these jargons such as html coding, widgets, plugins, gifs, white-hat seo etc? Or, even if you may have heard of these terms, you haven never got a chance to experience with any of the website building tools such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, or Drupal?

If you are one of those described above, then this article is for you – a newbie to start an online business.

How to start a website fast with BB2?

I am going to introduce you this BB2 software that can turn your website building experience into a breeze.

With this software, you don’t need any previous knowledge of coding, and your website can be published in a much shorter time. It uses a “train you as you go” approach. It offers many unique features such as:

  • Your website will have a modern and slick interface with a sleek design that can amuse your visitors.
  • With a visual Site Designer tool, you can have control over most of your web design.
  • It has a Rich Text Editor similar like word-processing.
  • You can easily add advertisements or navigation bars to all pages at different locations using Sitewide Dots tool.

There are a lot more to this, such as 5 libraries, filter tools, a wide selection of block types for you to choose and add to your website. Its Image Blocks, for example, can automatically downsize all your images to fit the space available. Of course you can choose to optimize the images to meet the image seo guidelines.

How many other add-ons and tools you need to use for a better website?

You may don’t even know the answer at this early stage.
Wordpress Marketing Powerful Plugin
A good way to solve this is to go to this toolbox, and navigate through all the tool options. It is not just a toolbox, it is a huge ebook that include all the important topics you need to learn for operating a successful online business. They are divided into 6 major categories:

  1. Preparation stage has 8 tools including a niche finding tool. If you start an ecommerce website and looking for items to sell, check out this for wholesale and dropshipping info.
  2. Build and host stage contains 11 tools including domain registration and web hosting tool, web design tool, block-by-block building tool, mobilize and auto blogging tool.
  3. After your website is built, here comes the traffic building stage. We all know traffic building is vital for any websites to succeed. There are 9 tools to help you out such as several reports and analysing tools, Google sitemap tool, pinging tool, etc.
  4. Trust-building tools help you to connect with your customers, there are many great useful tools in this category. Aside from blogging tool, social sharing tools, there are newsletter publishing tool, email auto-responding tool. The form building tool can build surveys, polls and applications. The link fixing tool can fix all broken links which is very useful and time-saving because Google and other search engines don’t like websites with many broken links.
  5. Monetize stage offers brainstorming ideas and tools to help you monetize your website and make profit.
  6. There are tons and tons of information inside the last Guidance and Support section. It might be overwhelming at the beginning. You can start from the Action Guide. Action Guide alone is like having a top internet guru watching over your shoulder, guiding you through every step of process to build a successful and profitable online business. It has both text version and video version to suit your needs.

How to start a website fast with Less than a dollar a day and 90 days money-back guarantee

This BB2 software and the whole educational materials that come with it are not for free. To build your website with this software, you need to subscribe with a $299 per year.

However, what you pay for is not just a site builder software, but a membership for a big community. Its forum has so much to offer to any online business newcomers, just as an example.

A 90 days learning Spree Plan:

With its 90 days money-back guarantee, you have enough time to start build your website, and meantime learn the fundamentals and test out if it is a feasible plan to go after for a year or more years.

If eventually you found out this is not the best option for you to pursue, what you get is

  • your money back guaranteed.
  • all the education and knowledge you received for free.
  • with a good foundation you have built with this 90 days intensive learning, you can start to build your own website using the DIY method, or you’ve learnt what you need from a web designer and start to hire one.
  • Or,
    You may decide to join the other website owners and build not just one, but a few websites using this productive software.

    Read some website owners stories

    Crystal is a stay at home mom. She has used BB2 to build two of her websites. They both look great and both have high traffic to them.

    Shaun has a lot to tell about his successful business with his selling ebooks and offering writing helps. He uses his website to sell his ebooks since 2001. His website’s page rank of PR4.

    Nori was a 14 years old girl when she started her first travel website. Now her site is paying her thousands of dollars per month as her college funds. This is what she said:

    “I now have a business that I can grow over the years. A business that is fun. I’ll never do a 9 to 5. I’ll always own my own life. “


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