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How to Sell Online using Solo Ads?

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solo ads make big money

Email Marketing is an efficient way to generate targeted traffic. It normally requires you to have a large email subscribers’ list. But what if you are still in the initial stages of growing your list, or you wish to advertise your products to a much broader audience? In these situations, using solo ads for advertising can help you in a tremendous way.

What is solo ads?

Solo ads is a powerful email marketing method used by many online business people. With solo ads, you pay to send your “swipe copy” to another person’s email list. By carefully creating your swipe copy for emails and designing your squeeze pages for opt-in, you can not only increase your sales, but also build your own email list quickly. No wonder some IMs offer free reports through solo ads just to build their own email lists.

How much do solo ads cost?

There are at least two ways to calculate the cost of solo ads. One is based on the number of subscribers on the list. The other more common way is to base it on the number of “clicks”. If a solo ad was sent out to a list of 20,000 subscribers’ which generated 2,000 clicks, with 40 cents per click, the cost would be $800.

Solo ads can be very effective when you have a legitimate email list with subscribers that are genuinely interested in your offer. For example, if you offer a free ecommerce plugin to subscribers who are interested in learning how to sell online using the WordPress platform, you can expect a very good opt-in rate to your squeeze page /website.

There are many great solo ads sellers out there; it is up to you to find them.  Reputation is very important in this arena. The best credibility a solo ads seller can get is when many internet marketers praise the list and recommend it to others.

Solo ads traffic - Make money online with buyer list

However, you need to watch out for poor conduct. There are scammers charging for solo ads by paying others to opt in your squeeze page, some even use a bot to click.  There are also people,  who instead of sending the “swipe copy” that you provided, send out a bunch of unrelated solo ads all at once to get more sales from one email. You still get good click through rates, but very low quality traffic leading to bad conversion rates.

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More tips for using a solo ads

Some solo ads sellers guarantee “clicks” , this may not be as good as it sounds to you. To protect your investment, try to ask the right questions when you evaluate a solo ads seller in advance:

  1. You need to find some suitable solo ads sellers for your niche product. You can do the hunting yourself or use a list*to save time.
  2. Ask the potential candidate some questions in advance:
    • What list do they use for the solo ads? Is it a buyers’ list or a prospects’ list?
    • How was the list built?
    • How can you subscribe to the list yourself?
    • Do they use any type of script rotating software to redirect traffic at all?
    • Will they change your “swipe copy”? If they do, to what extent?
    • How soon can they deliver the copy?
    • If the seller can’t provide a satisfactory answer, move on to the next candidate.
  3. To be more cautious, purchase the solo ads in a small amount initially. If you get a warm response from the list, then pay for a larger amount.


As one of popular paid advertising venues for online marketers, solo ads can be very cost-effective to generate sales, leads and meantime grow a subscribers’ list. Practice will turn an amateur into a master.

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