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How to Make Money with HubPages

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how to make money with hubpages

Hubpages is a place for all writers. Anybody with good writing skills can highlight their writing expertise through Hubpages and of course, they can make money with Hubpages.

Not a member? Don’t worry! Hubpages is on the lookout for new writers. If you are new to Hubpages, then here’s a series of lines that can solve your question – How to make money with

What is Hubpages?

Hubpages is a free hosting (web-content) platform, allowing users to write articles (hubs) on various topics they are interested. with a Google Page Rank of ‘6’ and Alexa ranking of ‘460,’ provides a window for its users to increase their visibility on search engines and also increase their writing income.

What to Write on Hubpages?

Just with the thought of writing, the doubt – ‘What to write?’ pops up. And when it comes to Hubpages, some new hubbers get confused if this is an article writing site or blogging website. But, it’s the same either way. Actually, on, you can write about anything that interest you. All you need to do is to choose your subject, gather all your thoughts, research well and write on the topic. It’s up to you to decide how many articles or hubs you are going to write on one topic. And, remember each article or hub you write is a separate webpage.

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How to Make Money?

While it’s true that some hubbers can make a decent profit through Hubpages, you can’t deny the fact that only quality content will fetch you income. Hubpages gives you the privilege to write on any topic you are interested. What’s more interesting is that, you will be intimated if you need to improve your content quality.

The website makes money through readers, so is each hubber. So, the more traffic your hub has, that more dough for you in the bank.

And now, here are a few tips to make genuine money online with Hubpages:

1.    To start with, make sure to draft good content on interesting subjects and hot topics. Choosing the right niches is the hardest part in the entire process. Ensure you pick subjects or topics that are the most sought after. Try to have hot trending topics that can grab the attention of millions of people.

2.   Decide your tags. In my opinion, it’s better to stick with long tails or lengthier tags. For instance, instead of ‘cancer natural cures,’ you can try ‘cure cancer with natural remedies.’ It’s because, the longer your tail is, the more specific is your traffic targeted. And the more is your targeted traffic, the more is your click through rate.

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3.   Lots of Hubs will work best when it comes to making money. Create as many hubs as possible and try creating multiple hubs in a particular niche. I would suggest 3-5 hubs per niche and if you wish to earn more in a less time, then you can even try creating 100 hubs. At the same time, ensure all your 100 hubs have good quality content.

4.   Next, earning money! Just as you start posting your content, you will start making a few dollars through the Adsense Adverts. The members of Hubpages are asked to open up an account with Google Adsense, and link to PayPal account as part of the account registration. To receive your part of the earnings on your hubs, you need to activate the Hubpages Earning Programs Settings and External Affiliate Settings.

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 How Do You Boost Your Income?

Now that you are earning, how do you boost it? The best strategy can be – creating backlinks for all your hubs. Do remember, the more backlinks, the more is your traffic; with higher traffic, you should have a higher click through rate, and therefore a high income form Hubpages.

But, keep in mind, not to overdo it, as there are chances for Google to penalize you for adding too much backlinks in a short period of time. In addition to these, you can consider having affiliate programs and traffic referral programs that can increase your income from your hubs.

In short, if you give a good try, you can surely make genuine money with Hubpages.

Andrea Walters is a freelance writer for – The Nation’s Lowest All-Digital Price Provider.

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