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How to Make Money With Free Apps

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We all understand that people can make money with their apps. Some apps are not too hard to create if you have some basic coding knowledge. There are even courses to teach people without any coding background how to create apps in a few days and make passive income out of them.

But with so many FREE apps on the market, you might wonder how these free apps make money at all for the app developers. Clearing the doubts of many people, anyone can make money with FREE apps.  You need to know some tricks in order to capitalize on your free apps. Promoting and marketing the apps is equally important in order to have the real financial results.

how to make money with free apps?

how to make money with free apps

There are 5 best ways to consider leveraging on your free apps profitably:


1.  Freemium upsell

A freemium upsell in its 2nd version of the app is required which is paid as there are various types of versions available such as HD, regular or lite paired together. In the free apps the user needs to click on a link given so that it can drive to the iTune store in the phone. It works as a feeder system. The users first download the free app and then go for purchasing its full version with more functionality.

2.  Purchase of in-app

This allows the users of in-app to unlock more features such as coins, hints or a higher level. It is very often seen in free game apps. It drives more in-app purchases.  It also comes in the form of subscription on a yearly basis or a monthly basis.

3.  Ads Display

With the help of banner ads, more traffic leads to more profits. Read tips on how to get more traffic to your free apps later. 

4.   CPI Networks (Cost Per Installation)

It is relatively a new mechanism in marketing which is equivalent to cost per acquisition. Whenever you are installing something you will have to pay for it. Most developers use this technique to promote an app.

5.  Sponsorship

Landing into sponsorship can lead to making big money with your free apps. Also this can help to gain brand credibility and authority.

How to promote your free apps for more traffic?

To apply the above tricks to make money with your free apps, you absolutely have to devote time and effort to promote your apps first. No traffic, no money. There are several ways to promote your apps online:

Social networks:

Using social networks such as twitter, Facebook, Google+ and many others to make your free apps more popular, get more people to use them and comment on them. Facebook ads could be one of very effective methods for promotion because it is still the largest social media online. Instagram is new favourite site with ever-growing followers, you should learn from successful brands and stake your claim on it too.

Online Forums:

Online forums can also be of great help in which you can create your own threads explaining its features and credibility. This is another network to build up  around your apps and get feedbacks from the end users.

Create Campaigns

Many apps developers creating meet-up events as well as campaigns to promote their free apps. Use Google Plus hangout or buy some solo ads to take the advantage of other’s list and get the words spread.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging on relevant websites that have great traffics could help a lot for broadcasting your free apps. People will read them and understand the experience of existing users,familiarize themselves with features and functionality of your apps. Existing users may comment on your articles and build up conversations with you and other people who get interested in them.

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Claudia Jack is a regular writer for Sharepoint Training Course and apps marketing articles. Her interest is to help others to promote their apps. You can follow her @ITdominus1.

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