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How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

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What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the rapidly growing Internet marketing strategies in the business world. It is a kind of referral marketing technique, in which companies reward referents for every successful sale.

There are four key players that keep the affiliate marketing space flowing:

  • manufacturers
  • affiliate networks
  • affiliate marketers
  • customers

Manufacturers and consumers form the core, while affiliate networks and affiliate marketers are somewhat intermediate.  Affiliate marketers get paid for every sale through either revenue sharing or pay per sale compensation methods.

Affiliate networks manage manufacturer products and affiliate marketers. On the flip side, affiliate marketers work out new strategies to promote affiliate links. Affiliate marketers are paid through the affiliate networks for every successful sale.

How to make money with affiliate marketing?

One of the primary problems that most affiliate marketers face is the promotion of affiliate links. Though the web has developed into a behemoth that aids marketing, there are only limited ways to promote affiliate links. Find below the few infallible ways to promote affiliate links.


As one of the most favored online activities, blogging is fast becoming a way to reach out to new audiences and build relationships. The prominence of blogging has resulted in the birth of numerous free blogging platforms and tools such as, that foster the creation of content. Affiliate marketers can start a blog using any one of these free blogging platforms and start posting quality blog posts that focus on the product in the affiliate link. By starting a blog, affiliate marketerscan promote their product, grow incomes, build relationships and broaden the reach of the affiliate product.


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Social Media Presence

Many would rightly call this era as the ‘Age of Social Media’. In this age, everything goes to the social media, right from politics to news and brands. Businesses, brands and users all have their presence on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. As an affiliate marketer, all you have to do is register for an account with these social networks and post content that in a way relates to your affiliate product. In addition, include your affiliate link in the content so as to help prospective customers on social networks reach out to the product.

Article Submission to Web 2.0 Websites

Writing articles is an old way of promoting products, but it is still one of the dominant ways to promote a product online. The catch here is that the articles written should be well-crafted, easily understandable and related to the attached affiliate link. Once you are ready with your article, try submitting it to Web 2.0 websites that are again related to the niche of your product. Though most Web 2.0 websites do not accept affiliate links, there are a few sites that accept aptly included links.

Actually, It does not matter if they do not accept the links; you can submit the article and link it to your social media profiles. The highlight of Web 2.0 websites is that they come with integrated social media options that foster sharing and commenting. Hubpages and Squidoo are examples of Web 2.0 blogging sites.

Promotion through Email Subscribers

Email marketing for a long time has been considered as one of effective ways to market your product to the online audience. As it’s proven and effective, the same strategy can be applied to promote affiliate links. Email marketing helps marketers to engage with subscribers by sending user interested content and deals relating to products. As a proven strategy, email marketing helps affiliate marketers send affiliate links directly to prospective customers, consequently helping them enhancing their earnings per thousand emails. The thing here, never spam the receiver’s inbox with marketing emails, make sure you include appealing infographics and animations to intrigue the customer. In addition, offer the receiver a subscribe option, so that if he/she is interested they can get related notification emails, if they prefer to opt out, they can choose to unsubscribe.

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Though all these methods are tried and tested, there are certain staple etiquette that need to be followed when promoting affiliate links. The most important thing is to use the above platforms generically and organically, rather than for just promotional purposes.

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