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How to Make Money on YouTube?

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How to make money on yoububeIf you are one of those people who are looking for ways to make money online,  YouTube monetization is definitely a doable method.

This article explains how to make money on YouTube.

YouTube’s recent announcement that its users upload 72 hours of video every minute may discourage some of you from getting on this channel. Users watch 4 billion hours of video every month. This makes it clear that good quality content is in huge demand.

The YouTube partner program can now be used by anyone. This makes  YouTube monetization a real possibility for all.

How to make money on YouTube?

Making money on YouTube requires patience. It also requires the correct equipment, execution and preparation. If you have these you can join the ranks of people who earn money through this program.

The first step is setting up a YouTube account. An existing Gmail account can be used to log into YouTube. It is advised to separate your email from your YouTube account.

When you create an account your choice of username is particularly important. It goes on to become your brand.

Originality Pays

Originality is essential in your YouTube videos. YouTube is a melting pot of different kinds of videos. Putting your personality in your videos is key. For making money on YouTube,  you need to own all the necessary commercial rights for video and audio. If videos are copyrighted by another or if you are displaying playlists of other user’s videos you do not qualify for YouTube monetization.

Before you upload content to YouTube, ensure that you own the rights to it as well as its background music.

The Importance of Content

Content is all important to getting you credit. Before registering, consider the kind of content you will be creating – sketch comedy, tutorial, talk show or video blog. Your YouTube videos could combine various forms of content. YouTube needs you to select a category that describes your topic. The category is selected from an extensive list.

Consistency and Patience

It is better not to expect to hit it big right from the start. Views are precious and to gain those eyeballs you need reliability and professionalism in your content creation. If you only post videos when you are in the mood then do not expect success. Viewers want videos fairly regularly from you. They want dependability.

Benzine started his YouTube video career in 2007. It took two whole years to get noticed by YouTube viewers. When this happened Benzine began producing content more regularly. In 2010 he could quit his waiting job to become a full time video creator. Now Benzine has about 400,000 subscribers.

Tyler Oakley is well known for his how-to’s, opinions and comical observations. He started his career with a view to keeping up with his hometown friends. Within two months his videos had 100,000 subscribers. At present his channel has over 26 million views.


You don’t need studio quality equipment to make a YouTube video. Cameras are available – cheap and of good quality nowadays. Many successful YouTube videos have been filmed using just a phone. Flip Cameras, webcams and smartphones are all usable for vlogs. A DSLR camera is recommended for more professional acts.

Lighting is important and halogen lights and reflectors may be used. Editing software on a computer is the next link to making a great video. Both Macs and PCs come with editing software. Sony Vegas, Final Cut X and Adobe Premiere are professional solutions for editing.

Self Promotion

YouTube algorithms rank videos on various bases every 24 hours. Even superb content needs promotion. Connect with Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Use these platforms to engage viewers. Ask them what they want to see.

Once a production routine has been formed, experiment with style, content and marketing. You can easily test what works on your new channel. Soon you will garner a good amount of subscribers and this will leave you much in awe of yourself and your efforts.


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