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How to Make Money on Pinterest?

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how to make money on pinterestPinterest allows users to upload and save images or videos, create theme-based pinboards to categorize and manage them.  Since it is an image-sharing social media website, any users can search for images with keywords, follow other users or some of their pinboards, re-pin others’ images to your own pinboards,  like any pins, or share any pins on twitter.


Pinterest used to be a “by invitation only” visual social network, it opened to everyone since August, 2012. Its growth rate since then is exponential.

After two years of establishment, by the middle of 2012,  it has grown to be one of  the top ten social networks. Some source named it the third largest social media in terms of unique monthly visitors.

Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your websites

We all know traffic is the reason for any website to make profit. One way to make money with Pinterest is to drive traffic to your website. A very important feature of Pinterest is to allow users to pin images outside of Pinterest by using the “Pin it” button.  You can download the button to your browser, whenever you see something inspiring, you can just click the button to link to Pinterest.

If you have your own websites, make sure to create beautiful pictures/images for each article you published. Use “add from a website” button to add each of your images to the Pinterest.

optimize images _create beautiful images by yourself

How to create this image by yourself?

Also, you should add “Follow me” or “Pin it’ buttons on your website near your beautiful images to encourage readers to pin your images onto Pinterest.

Since each pin carries its own original source code, if the pined images from your website gets “re-pined” and “Tweeted” by many users, your original link to your website will automatically pass on to more audience. Isn’t this a great free traffic source?

How to make money on Pinterest using affiliate links?

I have previously published an article to introduce how to register with many affiliate networks and post those affiliate links onto Pinterest.

How to get your pin “re-pined”, “liked” or “tweeted”?

Since Pinterest is all about images and photos, a breath-taking photo will instantly get repined all over the boards and spill over to other social medias. On the other hand, an unpolished image could turn away Pinterest users from getting to know your brilliant products, as photos and images hold more weight on this site.  Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

However, one very important method to get you more followers and more re-pins is to re-pin others’ images. Social media is for people to get involved with each others’ interests. To get others interested in your own products or promotions, you need to first get connected with them and let them know your presence. The best way to do this is to “like” others’ images and “re-pin” others’ photos. To leave a meaningful and encouraging comment will also help to get yourself connected with others.
Wordpress pinterest theme

WordPress Pinterest Theme – Get All the Benefit of Pinterest

How to make money on Pinterest from its loyal fans?

Who are Pinterest’s loyal fans?

Women. 83% Of the global users of Pinterest were women in 2012, according to engauge. Although more and more internet marketers and many brands have realized the importance of Pinterest power and started to jump onto the wagon, but the female-dominant character won’t change too much over time.

To understant how to make money on Pinterest, we also need to know what are the most popular topics those Pinterest fans like to talk about.

Among over 30 categories on Pinterest, the most popular ones are:

  • Food and Drink
  • DIY & Cratfs
  • Fashion, Art
  • Home Decor

Retail companies have taken advantage of Pinterest for advertising and style trending. The web design provides an ideal layout for “style conscious retailers”, where products can easily be visualized within a consumer context. Companies like The Gap, Chobani, Nordstrom and West Elm use Pinterest as a tool for online referrals that link users with similar interests to a company.

As you can see from the popular categories, Pinterest is definitely a great place to show off your products or services that are easily to be presented through images and photos.

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How to help others to find your special pinboards?

All the pinboards on Pinterest are created by users. Using keyword search, you can find how many boards and pins of similar interests are already created. If your niche is not among the most popular topics, one trick to increase your exposure is to create many different-themed boards, especially some ever-green themed boards such as: trending fashion, cute kittens, bright colors, funny photos, birthday, natural wonders, etc.

Blend your own product/service posts with other pins in those popular boards. When people are drawn to your Pinterest account from some beautiful photos, they can easily find your other pins that link to your products, or they may curiously check into your special boards created for introducing your products or articles.
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Get more exposure through contributor boards

When you create a new board, you have an option to invite other people to join the board as contributors. The only requirement is to be following at least one of the user’s Boards before adding them as a contributor. If people accept your invitation, they will become your followers. Not only this,  your board will automatically appear on the contributors’s pages and could be viewed by their followers too.   If their followers choose to “follow all” of your contributors boards, you get new followers from their pages too.

This method sometimes can backfire though if you are not careful in choosing who to invite.  There might be spammers that flood your boards, or porn artists that deface your boards.  So it is very important to monitor your contributor boards closely to make sure all contributions truly represent your brand/theme.

It is also a great idea to accept others’ invitations and contribute to others’ boards. This cross-traffic technique helps to build up followers dramatically.

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So, how to make money on Pinterest? 12 juicy tips….

  1. Use keywords in your pin description part and your boards names. This will make people find your pins and boards easier using search box.
  2. Submit pins at the right time, ideally in the early morning or after dinner time. These time slots are pinners’ most active time, submit your images during these time can render more exposure.
  3. To avoid being treated as spammy, don’t pin your images all at once for too long. Pinterest has strict regulations for anti-spams.
  4. Repay the favor. If people liked or commented on your pins, don’t forget to say ‘thanks!’ by offering the same favor for them. Get connected with others, this is the sure way to get more traffic to your pinboards.
  5. Don’t forget to make it easy for others to pin your content on your websites by install a “pin it” button at an easy to find place.
  6. You can check what content from your websites have been pined by using this URL: You can then choose to make some comments on the pins or follow back to the pinners.
  7. Curate content, don’t just pin your own images, also pin interesting articles that match your niche.
  8. Don’t steal pins. This refers to change a pin’s original URL and repin it with a new destination. This could be reported and banned by Pinterest.  Also watch if your own pins have been altered in some way that may harm your own ROI.
  9. Use “like” button on a pin to save it in your “like” section of your account. This is handy when you don’t need to create a new board for some interesting pins, but like to save it on your wish list or view it later again.
  10. If your pin is a product that has a price, you can type the $ or £ symbol followed by the price  in the description box, this way your pin will show up in the “Gifts” section of Pinterest.
  11. When you repin or comment on a photo, use @ followed by the user’s first name in your description or comment box. This way the user can be informed of your friendly action.
  12. Pinterest has both fabulous apps for iOS and Android users, you can download the app and start your instant pinning wherever you go.


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