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How To Make Money On Instagram?

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To make money with Instagram is not a guessing game anymore. Launched in October of 2010, Instagram’s popularity has been on the rise ever since.

So how to make money on Instagram? This is a question many people ask. Who doesn’t want to make some extra money online today? Especially when it is fun and easy to do so. To get this question answered, let’s learn from some successful Instagramers.

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Learn from the most popular brands on Instagram

More and more big brands and companies have recognized the great potential of making money with Instagram. There are over 1000 brands that currently use Instagram for social media marketing. Among them, the top 5 are Nike, Starbucks, NBA, Forever 21 and Adidas.  Nike, being the number one brand on Instagram, has over 2 million followers and over 15 million posts on the hashtag #nike.

Make money with Instagram followers

Not just big names find success on Instagram. Many bloggers and individual instagrammers reaped financially with their own ever-growing Instagram follower counts.

Do you want to know some Rich Kids of Instagram?
A good example of this is @nala_cat on Instagram. This account was set up back in March, 2012. Nala_cat constantly posts photots of her cat. #cat is a popular hashtag on Instagram, which indicates a massive fan base for this topic.  Within a short 8 month period, this account’s followers grew to 400k; after another 10 months, its number doubled to over 800k. Now, Nala_cat has set up an ecommerce website to monetize its Instagram fame.

Create Your Own Social Network? – It’s not hard!

Instagramers love cats, as well as other pets. There are 12.6 million posts on the hashtag #cat, and another 8.5 million on #cats. Dogs have even more popularity on Instgram, with 16.7 million posts tagged #dog, and 2.8 million for #dogs. There is no doubt that pet lovers have the bigger chance to make money with instagram.

Food photography on Instgram

Do you love fast food, gourmet food, healthy food, sweet food, American food, sea food, or just any food?

Instagrammers do!

Instagrammers love posting photos of their food, either when they eat out or cook in their own kitchens. Food photographs are widely followed and liked on Instagram. Food photographers on Instagram come from different walks of life and include food bloggers, authors, travelers, chefs and professional photographers.

You can be one of them and snap up your own food niche on Instagram by posting your daily yummy food photos with some quirky narratives and comments, and watch the followers flock to your account, just like @alice_gao did.

You need a good camera!

‘Fashion’ stands on favourite spot

Aside from the pets and food, the most followed industry on instagram is fashion.

There are over 43 million posts on hashtag #fashion. Individual fashion bloggers can profit tremendously from Instagram’s fashion loving population. One of the fashion bloggers @chiaraferragni has 1.1 million followers.

Making money with Instagram is similar to making money with Pinterest. Fashion and beauty are favoured topics. These photos and Instagram videos are visually appealing and entertaining to the public.

If you are fond of fashion and beauty products such as makeups, nail polish, etc,  register with some affiliate programs, set up a website using blogger or WordPress, or make a simple ecommerce website using the bigcommerce platform. Then you can market your website and all the products using the following methods on Instagram.

how to make money on instagram-50 ways

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    Post frequently on Instagram

    With such a massive user base on Instagram, you can get your messages spread out easily and fast. But understandably, there is severe competition among users of the same niche. How do you get noticed and followed in the shortest time possible?

    One effective way to gain popularity fast on Instagram is to post quality photos and videos frequently.

    Active users usually benefit most from social media sites. Instagramers love to know you are passionate about what you are doing and always have new fresh content to entertain them. This makes following your account worthwhile.

    Use hashtags wisely

    Also in order to get more followers from Instagram, don’t forget to use hashtags wisely. Do some research on what hashtags are trending on Instagram and see If you can use any of these tags on your own photos.

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    The more popular hashtags you can use for your photos, the more chances your posts will be found by others. For example, if you post a cat photo, you can use #cat, #cats, #cute, #memo, #persian, #white #black, #fun, #love…. to reach to different groups of instagramers.

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