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How To Make Money Blogging? | 5 Traditional Ways

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how to make money bloggingIt is funny how we think of traditions on the Internet, when the Internet is still a baby in the world. Even now, it is still struggling to be controlled by the powers that be. Nevertheless, there is this established feeling of how to make money blogging, so here is the 5 traditional ways to explore.

1 – Affiliate advertising

It is the first solution on all lists of this nature. If you are going to make money with blogging, then affiliate advertising seems to be the big thing. It is hard to find websites that do not have affiliate advertising of some sort.

There are a lot of affiliate networks out there, and maybe it is a blessing, as websites would probably be stooping to far more nefarious means of making money if it were not for the popularity of affiliate advertising.
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Google Adsense is very easy to join if you want to start somewhere. You can be fairly certain that they are not a scam network that is trying to get your money at all costs.

Do not make it all about affiliate adverts. If you are going to use affiliate advertising, then try to make your website a little more about the viewers and less about the affiliate. After all, who wants to visit a website that is all about adverts?

Another similiar network that deliver very relevent ads just like Google Adsense is Chitika. The difference of Chitika from Google Adsense is that Chitika delivers ads based on visitors’search terms, while Google Adsense ads are mostly based on keywords of a page. Which one performs better, different people have different experience. The good thing is that a blogger can apply for both and run both ads on the same blog.

Write content that attracts affiliate buyers if you want to make a little money on this. Getting lots of traffic is okay, but it is not really a strategy. If you can attract the target audience desired for your affiliate advertising, then you are more likely to make money.

2 – Sell a subscription to your blog

This means getting people to actually pay to see your blog. It means getting them to pay an amount in order to see your blog for a certain amount of time, or you are charging them on a monthly or weekly basis so that they may see your blog posts.

It has to have a substantial free section because that is often the only way to get people to actually pay for your blog. They have to see a lot of what you do in order to be convinced to actually pay money to see the rest.
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Try selling it with a low introductory price. This sometimes works, but a high quality free section is probably going to suit you the best. However, if your paid sections and paid blog posts are very good, then an introduction price may be enough to introduce them to your paid blog.

Give people the chance to unsubscribe at any time otherwise they are not going to sign up for your blog.

Try to encourage referrals if you can, as they will help you reach more people and get more subscriptions without doing too much work. You can use the same affiliate networks most bloggers use for affiliate marketing. This time you join the networks as advertisers and encourage publishers to sign up your affiliate program.

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3 – Write positive reviews for people

There are companies that will pay you to write positive reviews. They are on websites around the net, and all you have to do is find them. You have to have a high attendance rate first in order to get them to pay you.

You are known as an influencer and may leverage that for money. People on YouTube are known as influencers, and so are people with blogs. If you have the capacity to influence people, then there are those who will pay you for that.

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4 – Sell your own eBay items

Instead of having affiliate advertising on your blog, you sell your own items from it. It is a little like having affiliate adverts, except that people go to your eBay store instead of to another website.

Set up an eBay shop so that you may link to items. This makes it easier, as auction items expire too quickly. Install widgets that have live feeds to your items so that once an item is de-listed then it moves over to another.
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Put widgets at the end of all your blog posts because this is where they will get the most attention and where they are the most likely to be clicked. Selling your own stuff will always be more profitable than affiliate advertising.

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5 – Sell an additional extra to your blog

Write your blog post, and offer an extra bit to people once they have read it. People may pay to see the rest if your blog post was simply that good. Leave them wanting more, but do not make your blog posts one big advert for your extra bit.

Make sure your extra bit is worth five times the money people pay. It must have a massively high value or you will lose regular viewers and they will probably take revenge by slating you online.

Make sure that your payment system is very secure and trusted. A PayPal system may be all that you need in order to take payments. Value for money is the only way to make this work; otherwise you will fail to make a sale.

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