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How To Make Free Infographics Online

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Infographics are appealing!

I found out this funny infographic this morning from my Google circle , it was posted by “L lorena”.   I use chopsticks three meals a day. It is very amusing for me to watch others using chopsticks to eat in a clumsy way, including my own children. They used to laugh hard with their friends when they tried to pick up a soybean from a plate.


Make your own free infographics

Infographics convey messages more directly, vividly and effectively than words and paragraphs. If you need to make your own free impressive infographics for your online business, read on.


In my previous post about increasing Facebook page likes, I have introduced piktochart for creating engaging infographics for going viral in social medias.


Now let’s splitting the word “Visually” into ““, you have another great tool for making free infographics online.

make free infographic with

 At, you can browser through all images and find the right ones to embed on your own websites; you can make your own infographics using its free tools; or submit your  infographics for more exposures on internet or more sharings on social medias.

Free Google Charts:

Speaking of building charts on your websites, Google offers the number one free chart toolbox.

google chart tools for free charts on your websites

Not like or piktochart, there is a bit of learning curve before you can take full advantage of this Giant free Google chat tool, but once you master the skills, you can have more freedom to personalize your charts and graphs to your best results.


Another easy to use tool is from, you can sign up with your twitter or Facebook account.

Pick a pre-designed, pixel-perfect infographic template…. Add charts, videos and maps. It only takes a few minutes to create an infographic. Now you’re ready to embed it in your blog post or share.

make infographics free online with

The best part of this tool is that you can create all different charts for your needs with minimal learning requirements, saving your time you might have to spend using Google free tool. In just a few minutes, you can input your own data into the templates and have your own charts created, shared through the web and published on your own websites.   With this tool, you can also add maps and videos to your infographics, which I thought is very useful.

Promote your infographics

Creating your infographics is fun, promoting them on the internet is the reason for all these fun. Share them on all of your social media accounts: Google+, Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, or pin your images on Pinterest, upload them to Flickr. After all, I found out the chopstick image from Google+ and that triggered my urge to write this article. If your creativity brought a lot of fun to other readers, then your own infographics will be introduced throughout the web too.

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