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How to Make a Million Dollars Online ?

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Have you ever dreamed of quickly earning a million dollars?
Now it’s no longer impossible for the average Joe or Jane to make a fast million dollars, thanks to the internet.

Please Give Me One Million Dollars!

As absurd as it sounds, a 26-year-old comedian Craig Rowin made several YouTube videos to ask for a one million dollar donation from millionaires and big corporations. He didn’t even justify his cause! He repeatedly said that he didn’t “need it for anything specific,” but it would be awesome to just have “a million dollars!”

Surprisingly, a millionaire from New York contacted him and made a deal. He set up a stage, and gave Rowin a check for a million dollars a few days later at a theater where Rowin often performed at the time.

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So IS there free money in the world!?

This whole “Please Give Me One Million Dollars” campaign turned out to be a funny hoax, but many others copied him and made their own videos to ask for free money from rich people.

This one turned out to be a joke, but the next story is 100% real – a young man made over a million dollars in a matter of a few months with the power of the internet.

How to Make a Million Dollars Online?

In 2005, Alex Tew was a 21-year-old college student. He feared the ‘broke college grad with lots of debt’ stereotype that could so easily become a reality, so he started to think up ideas for making fast money to cover all his tuition and living costs, and to hopefully leave him with some money to live comfortably after graduation.

On one summer night, he randomly jotted down some “make fast money” ideas. Eventually, he settled on a creative way to build a website and earn his first one million dollars from it.

A Creative Million-Dollar Idea:

His million dollar idea can be described as “making money selling pixels online”. He created a webpage with a dimension of 1000 x 1000 pixels, or 1,000,000 pixels in total. The goal was to sell pixel blocks as advertising space to advertisers.
He priced each pixel for $1. The smallest pixel block available was 10 x 10, with a price of $100. He figured out that any image smaller than 10 x 10 would be too small to display anything meaningful, and it would be hard for human eyes to find it.

The million dollar homepage was divided into 10,000 advertising blocks. The advertisers who purchased ad space provided their own images to be displayed inside the pixel blocks. The images were linked to the advertisers’ webpages, and a descriptive text message would pop up when the cursor hovered over any image.
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He Made More than one million dollars online.

His story grew bigger, and money poured in. Companies big and small were interested in being part of this internet “million dollar” story. In just four months, Alex had made $999,000 – only $1,000 shy of his one million dollar goal!

The demand was so high for the last 1,000 pixels that Alex decided to take it to eBay. After 10 days of auction, the winning bid was $38,100. This finalized The Million Dollar Homepage campaign and made its owner a whopping total of $1,037,100 in just five months.

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Alex said on his website:
“I want it [The Million Dollar Homepage] to become a kind of internet time capsule…So, in the long run, I believe the pixels will offer good value. You will have a piece of internet history!”

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Your Own Million-Dollar Idea?

Inspired by these creative ideas, many people set up their own copycat websites and tried to get their share of luck online.
Would you do the same?
When it comes to how to make a million dollars fast, creativity is the best way to go. There are tons of brilliant ideas of making million dollars online from those millionaire authors. You can check them out here.

50 Bestsellers- YOUTUBE: How I Make $2000 A Month on YouTube With No Filming

How to Make a Million Dollars on Amazon

how to make a million dollars by gurus
The first book is called “How I Made My First Million Online And How You Can Too!”, which was authored by Ewan Chia, the guy standing beside Donald Trump. He has a best-selling program to teach how to make a million dollars online.


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